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As some of you may of read I was working on a New Single Entitled Chloroform Ft. Tyler Guida Of the Band “Dr Acula” Well it’s finally Official Tyler went into the studio today to record his vocals for it and I wanna give a big thanks to Jerry from Life As A Ghost, We been having some what of a hold up trying to find the right place and time for Tyler to record his vocals and Jerry went out of his way to help out and get it done All Free of charge and thank god cause these dudes Dr Acula leave for tour I believe this Thursday, I only got to hear what Tyler did over the phone but from what I heard it sounds BRUTAL AS FUCK!!!! I should have all the files by tomorrow to finish up the mixdown I’ll let everyone know whats up with a release date soon…..IN THE MEANTIME CHECK OUT SOME OF THESE VIDEOS!!!



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