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Okay so far if you been following the website You should know by now that BLOOD HOARDER is (KARDIAC & ZEHL FREEBASS) Kardiac as the front man and Zehl with all the Production “Beats” on this Project, The plans are right now to have 4 songs ready by Devils Night October 30th, We will be releasing Chloroform FT.Tyler Guida Of The Band Dr.Acula on the preview we know that the original plans were to make a Single Out of this song but things always change around here, We may release a Promo Clip Of “Chloroform” as time draws near to Devils Night but as of right now that’s undetermined, Everyone will be able to Download the Blood Hoarder Preview for free on Online but the location where cannot be revealed at this time, This is all preparation to some big changes that are about to happen so all we can tell you is keep your eyes wide open around here you don’t wanna miss out on that till then spread the word and keep the blood warm!

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