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Just wanna give you all a quick heads up on this dope ass E.coli release dropping “Friday March 29th” on . This album will have something over 15 tracks, I believe 17 tracks if I’m not mistaken. All for FREE DOWNLOAD!!! so there’s no reason for anyone not to buy the new Filthography album “Thought You Two Were Dead” when it drops. Get familiar with E.coli and his art, cause there’s going to be a lot more coming from him through Unrestrained Sounds. I am also in the process of producing his whole next album, which he’s flying out from New York  to my land of the unknown Texas,  tomorrow and staying out here for 2 weeks to record it. I can’t leak the title right now, but just know it’s going to be some hard hitting, serious shit. Now back to what’s dropping first, Friday March 29th on  FORCE FEEDING VOL.1 support this release and let mother fuckers know about it just as if it was my own release. It will feature 3 tracks with myself, some dating back to 2003, straight exclusive unreleased shit–all for FREE!!!

follow up for full details at WWW.UNRESTRAINEDSOUNDS.COM 


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