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Cover Cropped

Hypnagogic Consternation

I like to work with people outside the genre of music I do and I wanna give credit for the sample source to “Hypnagogic Consternation.” Which I sampled from the film Infiltration, by Charles Chadwick, with a soundtrack by A Tunnel Dialogue (Charles Chadwick, W. Jeff Campsey, and Matthew Bambas).


They make some really sick short films  that also fits with some of the work I do. I’ve been talking with “Charles Chadwick” and we got plans to do something custom which might be a track from “Sleep Deprivation” or a new track . Whatever comes from it, it will def be something new and original for the visuals. This is all I can really say for now until we begin working, but keep a lookout right here for any updates.

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