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KARDIAC Video_Fangoria Debut flyer

Since Gifts Of Blood Two has been available for a couple month now, I think enough time has gone by where I can debut the FULL Short Film/ Music Video of  “The County Road Cover Up.”

I was given a great opportunity to Debut my Short Film/ Music Video on the website of one of the largest horror magazines known in the horror industry, “FANGORIA.”

If you’ve seen the trailer and never had a chance to purchase the DVD, here’s your chance to check out “The County Road Cover Up” video FOR FREE!

 The County Road Cover Up is now streaming ONLY at FANGORIA.COM

I would like to give a big thanks to for giving me this huge opportunity to reach a wider audience that is into HORROR.  Plus another huge thanks to my manager who has stood by me through the rough and the good April Bedan. She made it possible for all my recent reviews and getting “The County Road Cover Up” debuted on


If you haven’t purchased Gifts Of Blood Two, we still have a few copies in stock at the store. VISIT WWW.KARDIACSTORE.COM 

Last but not least, I wanna thank the following websites for doing an article on myself and the the kind of music I create. So to the following companies: POPCORNHORROR.COM / SCARETISSUE.COM / WICKEDHORROR.COM / THEBLOOD-SHED.COM /  HORRORSOCIETY.COM thank you for taking your time out and giving your readers a chance to know more about the name KARDIAC.

If you missed these articles, click on the red linked sites to view them.

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