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It’s been a good 2 years since my last solo release, “In The Peripheral” and I think now is the time that I let you all know what is next to come.  As you may have noticed, the title of the album is everywhere on the website, “Daydreams of Crime Scenes.” To give you all some insight, I themed out the website for this release to match some of the album artwork.

The album cover will be revealed when the release date is set and announced. To fill you in, this album features a few different people from all different backgrounds of music. Please, watch and share the video below. The Daydreams Teaser will let you all know who is making an appearance!


If you’re into stories of true crime, and in-depth gory visuals that go along with it, then you will love this album. It has many different styles of production, from dark trap sounding beats, to even some music similar to NIN and Marilyn Manson. The album is a concept story in some ways, comparable to what I did with the song “It’s Hard to Keep a Secret,” but that was just 1 track.  I will have more info for all of you when I wrap up the album completely. I will keep you all posted with updates on the site and share video snippets of progress & music videos to come.

I’m still and always have been, an independent artist. Anything that is pressed comes straight from the KARDIAC Music team, but I’m honored to have this album set to drop on Fangoria Musick.  All I can ask from you is to spread the word as much as possible and continue to support indie music. Until the next update, you can follow me on Twitter: @KARDIACMUSIC. I’ve been posting a lot more on there than on Facebook, but you can also add me as a friend on Facebook, “Corey Kardiac Jennings” at: The website will always be the first place that’s updated whenever I have some news to post about the album. If you want notifications, subscribe to the mailing list on the left sidebar and it will let you know whenever something gets posted on the website. Thanks to everyone who continues to support my work.

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