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At the young age of 12, KARDIAC played drums in NY hardcore & punk Bands around the Tri-State Orange County New York area. It wasn’t until early 1998 at the age 14 after playing a few local hardcore/punk shows things never really went anywhere with the few bands he was in at the time. Although is was a great experience and met some great people within the OCHC crew, he dropped the sticks and went for a new route of music. Being a musician has been something that’s always been in his family’s blood. He began producing beats, and handing out instrumental CD’s & Cassette tapes at local battles and open mics. KARDIAC was mostly into producing more than being an MC at the time. After awhile artists were asking around who is KARDIAC beatz, and with some help from a friend & graffiti artist Fizeek, KARDIAC got connected with a lot of well known artists from his NY area that was making a lot of noise. After KARDIAC became a well known producer in his town from the beat cds he handed out. KARDIAC built up a reputation and recorded a lot of MC’s from his area over the beats he produced. KARDIAC had been writing lyrics to some of his own production, and that’s when he started working more on his lyrical content. Being a huge fan of B rated horror flicks and a lot of dark metal music. The brutal and dark lyrics just became a natural thing for his writing. KARDIAC had never drop anything outside of a couple group projects with a crew of MC’s all Hailing from Middletown New York. So after doing a few group project KARDIAC decided to drop a small ep. His first solo attempt with a couple features from the MC’s KARDIAC was cool with at the time. Prescription for Death was the name of KARDIAC’s ep, and it was finished by the end of 2001 but it wasn’t till 2002 with help from a friend Jesse Weed who helped package KARDIAC’s first release. KARDIAC had a friend ‘Scott Grasso” that drawled up the cover art within 20 mins on the spot and what you see below is what became the first album cover to a KARDIAC solo project.

Prescription for Death.

Mid 2002 KARDIAC started appearing on the college radio stations WVKR in poughkeepsie NY. It was an hour long drive outside of his hometown, and the show played mostly underground hip hop from 12am to 2am. KARDIAC freestyled on that radio show with a few friends of his at the time and gain a little recognition and respect from artists and fans all around the NY area. As time went by KARDIAC only got more determined and improved his lyrical content and kept producing beats. Taking any shows he can get on  –

KARDIAC preformed all over NY, NJ, PA, CT and he has even opened for such artists as Immortal Technique, ILL BILL, Q-unique, Jedi Mind Tricks, 7L & Esoteric, Outerspace, Masai Bey and the infamous Boot camp Clik.

In 2004 Kardiac then released his second
solo LP  Songs Only A Mother Can Love

KARDIAC was on a rampage with writing and completed a rough draft of the second album he completed Songs only. KARDIAC found a little help this time, and submitted his rough draft to a distro based in Detroit. The Distributed agreed to release /promote & distribute KARDIAC’s “Songs Only a Mother Could Love.” So KARDIAC re-recorded the album and KARDIAC’s brother Shawn, aka AMAZEDABUTCHER designed the artwork for the release. S.O.M.C.L became a top selling album via through his distro company in detroit. KARDIAC started to gain some attention from across the United States and even overseas recognition. Receiving emails from fans that were really digging his release at that time and how he standed out from a lot of other artists that were in the horrorcore genre.

The 5 myrtle Massacre

KARDIAC thought things were going well, with this new distribution company, so he decided to release his 3rd solo album with the same distro in 2005. KARDIAC has handed in his solo, but never got a release date from the distro. Few months later KARDIAC was wrapping up a group project called Alcoholic Monsterz. KARDIAC handed the group project in, thinking from the 5mm coming out first would give the group project more buzz cause this was a new project with friends KARDIAC’s fans never heard of. Come to find out both 5MM & his group project ALCOHOLIC MONSTERZ would drop on the same day. Nobody seemed to understand why the distro would do that, but at that time KARDIAC was young, and still learning how things worked. The 5MM also tagged along a single, a Re-visited Recording of a song from 5mm entitled “Sharing Needles”  that became a fan favorite.

Sharing Needles

Sharing needles takes on a little more darker side of 5MM and it was in Kardiac’s & LRD’s interest to make it a single. After Sharing Needles dropped, that was the last we heard from Kardiac “solo wise.” 2007 arrives and KARDIAC with SPACE drop a group project called Night Shift M.DThe Last Day Sane.”  Still to this day this group project is a personal favorite for KARDIAC but soon after its release That would be the last fans have heard from KARDIAC for 4 years.

Then came 2011, which it was like out of the blue KARDIAC returned stronger lyrcially, and with a fresh mind state for writing. First thing he did was release a little teaser for FREE DOWNLOAD entitled

Gifts Of Bloo-1

Gifts of blood went over pretty well with the ones who supported him all these years reaching over a couple 1,000 downloads.  This was only the start of his return and a small preparation for what was coming right behind it.

His 4th solo album entitled

The Afternoon Of extravagant Delight

T.A.O.E.D was a SCI-FI Horrid Gore mixture, something he wanted to try out of his comfort zone. Knowing it would probably put some of his fan’s out of their comfort zone, but this was something he wanted to do and needed to do. There was a few demons he was facing after loosing a very close friend of his, and this album helped him through the shit KARDIAC was dealing with. Then for the first time he dropped an official music video entitled The Nest.

The Nest brought a lot more attention Kardiac’s way, more then he expected. Bringing in new supporters from all over the globe, and that is where the idea of his next release came from. A little treat you could say for all his long time supporters and the first of 2 releases of unreleased tracks. This time around Dumpster Diving Vol.1 was exclusively released though KARDIAC’s very own store. This was a turning point for KARDIAC and releasing his own projects.

Dumpster Diving Vol.1


Dumpster diving vol.1 is a mix-tape filled rarities of unreleased tracks dating as far back as 2003. Unfortunately Dumpster Diving is completely SOLD OUT in KARDIAC STORE, but always check the store cause we try to keep the merch stocked at all times. So if it’s not in the store try back, or visit Kardiac’s bandcamp page for digital downloads.To see some of those releases visit:  Filled with group projects and other unreleased material. We will have hard copies very soon of all Kardiac’s former releases so stay tuned.

 KARDIAC completed a couple group projects other then the ones listed above, for instance Blood Hoarder with Florida producer Zehl:


Blood Hoarder is one of  Kardiac’s more violent lyrical releases.  This album takes you through some harsh realities, and forces you to bear witness to what a brutal death looks like face to face. Kardiac’s lyrical expertise on this project is golden. He explains the vivid details with which most would say is taking it too far. Zehl orchestrates a violent symphony as the onslaught seems to never end. They grip you by the throat, and drag you right into the music.

This album was totally funded out of KARDIAC’s own pocket with pressing the cd’s and all the posters that came along with this release and the distribution to get it in major online retailers for those who like digital downloads. This would be the last time KARDIAC would go through another distribution company. If you would like to purchase this album We really recommend you purchase this album through the KARDIAC STORE for only 4 bucks. Every order includes a “FREE POSTER.”

PLAY GOD [7 inch Vinyl]

Play God Cover small

In the beginning of 2013 KARDIAC was approached by an international label Hirntrust Grind Media based in Austria to drop a 7’inch vinyl. HGM heard KARDIAC’s single – PLAY GOD.

PLAY GOD was Originally posted on KARDIAC’s SoundCloud page, and that’s where HGM first got to hear the song. At the time it was only a rough mix, but HGM instantly contacted KARDIAC right after hearing the song and hit him with an offer that he couldn’t refuse. Which was pressing a single for PLAY GOD on a 7″inch vinyl Re-Mastered. This was KARDIAC’s very first vinyl of his own. KARDIAC had produced a beat on the CREEPOZOIDS vinyl way back in 2002 but that’s about it as far as vinyl goes. PLAY GOD is still available for sale. Pickup a copy for $3.00 USD  right now at the KARDIAC STORE. This song is probably still to this date, the most brutal, horrific, Gory & heavy song KARDIAC has ever released.

By the end of 2013 KARDIAC had something up brewing that would surprise some people who are longtime supporting fans. In 2003 or late 2004 KARDIAC was in a group with E.coli and they released a project called “Passion Of The Filth” Digital release available at: So it has been years since the two have talked, but KARDIAC & E.coli Spoke about their old release and all the stuff they never dropped. At that time it was good to hear from an old friend. After a few months of talking somewhere in the conversation was mentioned about doing a new Filthography release. KARDIAC had just gotten his former indie label going “Unrestrained Sounds” and thought this would be a good outlet for a second Filth album since there’s never been any follow up to any of KARDIAC’s group projects. KARDIAC & E.coli agreed that all the beats should be produced by KARDIAC. Then the title came from E.coli which really fit the bill for the project entitled “I Thought You Two Were Dead.”

So KARDIAC produced all the beats for the album and designed all the artwork that was needed for this Filthography Release. All the cds are sold out in the kardiacstore but if you would like to buy a hard copy you can visit type in Filthography I though you two were dead and they have hard copies on there. Once again all funds and distribution was out of KARDIAC’s pocket along with some help from April Bedan who was co-c.e.o of Unrestrained, and she helped purchase posters and contacted websites to help give the album a little extra push with promotion. To say the least that was the last album KARDIAC and E.coli did together and will ever do.


After Filthography’s I thought You Two Were Dead – KARDIAC got back into focusing on his solo work and this time took a total different approach with Sleep Deprivation. From the production entirely produced by KARDIAC, open the mind to a total trip of wordplay. This album still has it’s very gory content, but it also has topics that KARDIAC hasn’t spoken upon and are really abstract. All The CD’s are sold out at this time but is still available for Digital Download at any major online retailer. This album was funded and distributed by Unrestrained Sounds which is KARDIAC’s former label with April Bedan. So any purchases for this album from online stores, the money goes right into KARDIAC’s account you’ll be supporting the artist directly!

Cover Cropped

There’s  bonus material and the album keeps switching styles and sound, it’s something you need to purchase for yourself to understand. With guest appearances by Dj Quietus & longtime friend Justinfekt.

Here is a track from Sleep Deprivation entitled It’s Hard To Keep a Secret. Music Video directed by April Bedan & edited by Corey Jennings. Which is one of the first music videos April Bedan & Corey Jennings have ever made. Sleep Deprivation also released two different commercial as well before the music video. One of the Videos was entitled AM Commercial & the second one was entitled PM Commercial. This was just the beginning of their endeavors of film work to come.


GOB2 Cover

In NOV of 2014, KARDIAC came with a dual CD & DVD release. The main focus was the new Gifts Of Blood Two. GOB2 takes a more raw, dark & gory approach than the first GOB. For the first time KARDIAC also pro pressed Gifts Of Blood 1 [Revisited Version]. KARDIAC & his team planned out to make a short film/ music video for one of the songs on Gifts Of Blood Two called “The County Road Cover Up” beat produced by Justinfekt and re-vamped by KARDIAC. Everything ties into each other with Gifts Of Blood Two & the DVD so your best bet is to pickup the package deal with the DVD if it’s still available. For those of you out there that love Sick, Brutal Gory Rap, then this is the album of 2014 you need to pickup. Package deals & more available at The KARDIAC Store

Here is a Teaser of the DVD “The County Road Cover Up” short film/music video.

Watch the full short film/ music video “The County Road Cover Up” in the KARDIAC FILMS section on this site.

Around mid 2015 became a game changer for KARDIAC starting off with “The County Road Cover Up” short film / music video being debuted on With that video sparked some interest in KARDIAC’s music work, from former Fangoria Musick manager Chris Alexander. Talks between Chris & April Bedan (Kardiac’s Manager) turned into one of KARDIAC’s greatest achievements to this day. Chris had agreed to release KARDIAC’s next solo album on Fangoria Musick. After years of putting in work with music and trying to find the right outlet for such a place like Fangoria, things have finally begin to connect. So on May 11th 2015 Fangoria/ Fangoria Musick had released the latest work from KARDIAC entitled In The Peripheral for digital download for only $2.99.

A couple months later KARDIAC then released hard copies of the album which included 2 extra songs that wasn’t on the digital release and a free poster via his store ITP - Cover

Then a month later KARDIAC, with the help from his manager & cinematographer when it comes to his music videos/films – April Bedan decided to completed a music Video from one of the songs off the album called The Cleanser. The Cleanser was a huge deal because after a couple phone calls They were granted permission to film the video where Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) was shot. In an actual Slaughterhouse/Rendering Plant. It was a long day along with a long drive but they got it done, April filmed & directed the video, while KARDIAC edited it and added some extra music within the video to make it like a short film / music video. With only the two of them and a camera, they made the best of it out of that day and completed a pretty interesting video which is still the first official music video to this day 4/22/16 via Fangoria Musick had released. You can check out the video below, and if you have time share & give it a thumbs up if you like it.

A couple months have past since KARDIAC released “The Cleanser” and the time was counting down for KARDIAC to release hard copies of In The Peripheral. KARDIAC has some hardcore supporters that prefer hard copies rather then digital downloads. So KARDIAC wanted to give a lil extra with the hard copies other then just a poster. So for the next few months KARDIAC completed a short film entitled “I Wish I Could Forget” another music video from the album “When Everything Changed” this music video has only been released on the “In The Peripheral DVD.” Along with behind the scenes from The Cleanser & I wish I could Forget and a few extra things. KARDIAC decided to put all these related videos and the bonus material from In The Peripheral on a DVD to give with the hard copies as a package deal. They went fast sold out within a couple days, and as of right now the In The Peripheral DVD are no longer available in the kardiacstore but keep an eye out cause there’s a few things that might be getting re-stocked very soon.

We are now in 2016 mid April, KARDIAC has yet to release anything but is always working on music/film. Stay awake right here because a big announcement could be coming very shortly of what’s next to come from KARDIAC!



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