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I GOT BAD NEWS!!!! I’m pushing Blood Hoarder back cause I feel I’m rushing it to get it done for the show on the 3rd, I Just Don’t Feel 100% Ready to release this, I think You All deserve Something that wasn’t rushed and I felt 100% about, I’m Sorry to everyone that was really looking forward to it and I hope you all can understand, trust me the wait is going to be worth the wait I’m going back to it and revisiting a few tracks and may even add one or two more to the first release.


LIVE AT AMPED PERFORMANCE CENTER 415 CENTRAL, ALBUQERUQUE NM, 87102 (DOWNTOWN) Don’t Miss this!!! it’s apart of The LSP’s ROADSIDE BURIALS TOUR, HEADLINING SCUM, DARK HALF & LEADER’S OF THE LOST ALL PRESENTED BY SLAUGHTERCORE ENTERTAINMENT for this Night, PLUS CO-HEADLINING IS Slaughtercore’s VERY OWN  KARDIAC, BLOODSHOT, ILLNICKELL & LSP’s SMALLZONE, Plus On the stage for that night is DMIZE, DEUCE-L, B.T.V, JP BLOODY, BIZIRK & Many More… It’s going to be a Big Night, If you you have any Question Please Contact We Hope To See You All There.

I knew some of you wouldn’t be able to tune in cause some of you are from different countries, so here is the edited cut of last nights show, I would like to say thanks to everyone that did tune in and hit us up in the chat room and kept it live for that time.