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First Verse:
Such a force of nature when it’s human vs beast,
They must of tore through her crotch and left the baby chewed up in leaves,
Traditional tribes survive sticking by code,
Whatever the wolves leave behind they pick off the bones,
To feed a snake they don’t need a lot,
You grab the rat by its legs and smack its head on a rock,
50 PETA supporters died because of their side talk,
When all’s you try to do was make music on the side walk,
He prayed to God the night she started having contractions,
3 months in was too early for this to happen,
In his palm kissing a dead fetus,
Now it hangs in his rear view whenever delivers pizzas,
When you fuck the dead your sperm automatically dies,
Cause there’s too many chemicals exploding inside,
That’s why she’s bloated and dry, who that be you ask,
They girl up in the tree with her organs pull out through her ass.

Lollygag, Lollygag, with all of your friends as much as you want,
You’re all completely dead inside, enjoy your high,

Second Verse:
They got her down and dragged her in the boat,
Her face ate away from the rain water and mosquitoes,
Like something out of “Predator” fed from her,
Left a nest of eggs in her back to keep them safe till they hatch,
There was a rotting smell in the breeze and,
It’s so strong you get a taste when you breathe in,
Music enlightens Satan when I sing songs,
Run a blade up your chest plate while the head barely hangs on,
They know what I did and want my bones and skin,
Started a fire in my yard and danced with dead chickens,
Pounding on drums during their voodoo rituals,
Planning to burn my house down in beliefs I am the devil,
I adore you more when your under my floor boards,
Where the lights dark getting covered with animal bite marks,
Close the shades and take no calls,
A Bible bed time story decaying in my walls.

Lollygag, Lollygag, with all of your friends as much as you want,
You’re all completely dead inside, enjoy your high,



Ass To Mouth lyrics

A metal beam bludgeoned through the chest suspends her to the wall, While her feet twitch four feet from the floor,
Such impact From this implement,
crushed her ribs in little rocks and slid up into her skeleton,
a Busted jaw by penetrating cock raw on fried tongue,
beheaded in my hands and her hairs filled with dry cum,
legs spread, shredded, while hormones inhale blood,
I always pick out the bones before I eat her genitalia,
It’s the mind-altering chemicals,
bullet holes that leave a smoked taste,
The time I kissed a girl who used a shotgun to blow off her face,
Snakes pierce out my skin like maggots digging in her cervix,
Squeeze on her meat, charred lungs for a nicotine drip,
I think I’m seeing shit,
stretch out holes meat cleavers rip,
disfigured, bald, Chernobyl mutants chew the tumors off my dick,
picking poppy plants,
next to nuclear power plants,
Cancer slim with a feces grin,
dancing in radiation winds,
hoarding blood a milestone,
aroused by the torso, and the way the pork just drags on the ground when it’s stripped from bone,
Head beaten into ruins,
bleeding wide contusions,
while your body fights from dying in a deep seizure of confusion, algae growing on the mold on her sunflower panties, Decomposing breast deflate sour gases in the heat,
Christian corpses burned and slaughtered back at the farm with the cow and sheep,
The head that crowns inside her cunt,
Gets cut out, butchered ass to mouth.

IS THAT MY SICKNESS? from Desade album.
We had her restrained to the ground, wiping cum on her skirt,
giving each other high fives taking turns raping her,
Ripped her rosary off, her eyes gazed in a nod,
and before I slit her throat I told her to send my regards to God,
Point blank shot to the forehead cattle bolt pistol,
chewing the tongue, fighting seizures while the crows wrestle,
over the flesh, digging their beaks in the hole so terrified,
bugging out cause they’re biting her face while she’s paralyzed,
Shoved her arm up her twat and flexed like she was on ‘roids,
ripped out a dead embryo and sucked on it like a sex toy,
40 cc’s, leave track marks or shallow ditch,
ejaculating in her mouth after pulling the barrel out of it,
Can’t stand bottom feeders, pucker to suck up,
Don’t care who you did songs with put your money where your mouth is or shut the fuck up,
Wrote this for Desade’s album and no other reason,
of course, some would say different, they were nothing but an inconvenience.

– REZNIK Verse –
– Sample clip –

Applause for the influence that you’ve really got one,
Go ahead please shoot yourself with a shotgun,
With your jaw burnt off your face, I see doubt,
But we promise to stand around to watch you BLEED OUT,
What takes no strain to choke a neck you pull it,
Huffing the smoke rising from your head filled with a bullet,
Holding that feeling from the first time I touched needles & flowers,
Now I’m getting high off the residue of gunpowder,
Last time I seemed to be a little heart wrecked,
Lifting her pretty face off the ground after a car wreck,
It’s not like I’m asking for much when you pass,
Her severed head sucking my dick, mouth full of glass,
Climb on top of the hood between meals,
and start fucking her torso torn through the windshield,
Picking strands of hair and chard bits of scalp,
From the headlights, cum in the dead and be out.

– DESADE Verse – 

By noon the heat will cook the meat,
and the jaw will fall in leafs,
By the smell of her flesh, she’s only a couple feet from me,
Details go further then I can express,
Kiss her on the mouth while pulling windshield wipers out her chest,
Open the door and sit next to my peach,
Talking to her Skeleton while she’s cooked to the seats,
Like I’m gonna take you home and Give you a bath,
Laying in bed while her bones deteriorate into ash.


Her spit trickled down my face,
and for something so ugly it manifested into something even more great,
like the vibrations from her throat shifted erratically,
through my hands vibrant,
interlocked till her lips turned violet,
a part of what charmed,
there was a short kick and an exhale,
then she fell apart in my arms,
reminding me of a small defenseless animal scared,
watching the veins in her neck pulsate and break from the strain to cry out for air,
Ligature Marks of gods touch,
Steel cross up the vag,
but she rather take it bent over and shoved up the ass,
headless but aware I felt her eyes on my neck,
starring at us nude fuck,
as bite marks bleed around her pussy chewed up,
mouth shattered in,
praying to god to forgive me in such a humbling gesture I thought it was flattering,
but that was when should could talk, now born to slave,
shes just a rotted object to stare at when using her mouth to fornicate.

Monotone heart beat after it’s been ripped,
if that’s what she really wants I hope she dies from it,
are these worms in my eyes herds crawl in my veins,
perspective tunnel vision,

even Jesus hits his women.

reptilian shed skin leave scars of hieroglyphics,
beneath scabs when there picked at,
the goat might wear the mask,
but everyone carries one,
as a safety harness,
for those uncomfortable times when you’re asked to be honest,
it’s like I got a problem with my hands during sex,
open my eyes to see them inches away from breaking every bone in her neck,
waiting to greet you at the gallows are men in robes,
seeing you through it,
to make peace at the circle of trees decorated in ropes,
that’s why their towns a ghost,
and every so often you can hear in the distance the sound of branches breaking,
followed by an overwhelming sensation,
like their whole community on hand and foot,
caters to Satan!

so we’ll meet at the gates,
and i’ll help you on stage,
to place your head through the gallows,
become a part of our cattle
the slaughtered is burned,
during beheadings and weddings,
initiated by blood,
but be as the last one to leave us, was found gutted and covered in cum.

SONG TITLE: DISPOSABLE MEAT ft.MC.Bushpig of Butchers Harem


Upside down disemboweled my guess she’ll miss’em,

Her animals hung by their necks from her digestive system,

My bare hands strangle till their face falls flat,

5 feet from the ground they dangle beaten with a spiked baseball bat,

Would you be so kind to skin it to limit moans?

Two black eyes,

I love my women thinning to skin and bones,

They ripped me open under the axles of two trucks,

But once they taste the blood it was like who spiked the fruit punch,

Woke up numb in the sun vultures flying in pairs,

Cut my hand on my spinal cord looking for legs that weren’t there,

Here for a reason apart of deaths law & order,

Like the scent of blood to a shark dripping in salt water,

What really prone’s the chance to see grotesque,

Third degree burns watch her bones dance beneath the flesh,

Knee crush her larynx like I had a choice,

Cause I can’t barley bear to hear her FUCKING VOICE!


Pretty pretty girl attractive trash bin,

With her bloody bare ass and her head smashed in,

Disgusted by the looks of me don’t know what struck you.

Most would take you out back like a dog,

Shoot you in the head and FUCK YOU!



A Song Written & Produced By Kardiac



Cum filled tissues surround’s a severed head, The jaw looks broken,

Floating in a sink of roaches next to a bottle of lotion,

Fucked her headless corpse like a dog till her hips start to give,

Pulled my cock out her bloody ass and cleaned off the shit,

Digging underwear out a drawer of dirty syringes unsetting,

Blood on top of cotton dried to a spoon that helps you forget’em,

Beating off until I’m bruising veins, over a girl,

Whose upper half of the body is ripped apart then dragged away,

Under a moving train.



So copacetic she wet it,

Psychosis hopeless pathetic,

Not meant to sober starve myself and loath,

Squat and eat,

With a Flock of vultures off to the sides of the roads,

Uncomfortable Lows,

She prayed to some god above,

But I,

Showed her who god was.

SECOND VERSE:                                                                                                                              

Pray for strangulation by the hands of gods assumption,

Her slit throat looked like a pussy so I went ahead and fucked it,

Like an animal, she went for the face and clawed,

Razor wire braided now she can fucking taste a wired jaw,

It’s attractive when it’s bashed in,

Hogtied with some fashion,

In the mirror rubbing her bloody tampon on my lips,

 As if it was chapstick,

Play god contort physics to an oddity with a fine trait,

Shaping the body of a woman to fit a dog’s hind legs,

Pulling on it and screaming,

It’s been stuck in her for two weeks dead,

The Lifeless arm of a fetus,

Dangle between legs like a penis,

My bare hands are like Jesus,

Tearing chunks of it out in pieces,

To call a napkin what looks full of,

Chewed up food her new love.


So copacetic she wet it,

Psychosis hopeless pathetic,

Not meant to sober starve myself and loath,
Squat and eat,

With a Flock of vultures off to the sides of the roads,

Uncomfortable Lows,

She prayed to some god above,

But I,

Showed her who god was.