team member

Corey Jennings

KM Inc. C.E.O - Graphic Designer/ Web Developer/ Video & Film Editor/

Mostly known as KARDIAC, but Corey is his real name and on this side of things he approaches the company in a more serious manner.

team member

April Bedan

KM Inc. Head Manager/ KARDIAC Films Director/

April does a lot of things behind the scenes and is a major key for each release. Between contacting the right people and making the connections to give the project some traction. She has been a big help going on for close to 8 years now. She delivers many ideas of her own as well when it comes to filming videos & film work. The same team that ran Formerly operating music label “Fangoria Musick” of FANGORIA Magazine. Together Corey & April put their all into everything they do, and no matter what it is, if its something that is set to drop on KM Inc. They make sure it has a fighting chance against all the other Material out there.

KM Inc. is a Multiple Operational independent company that strives on its own. From Producing production, Directing music videos and Fim work,  We Distribute all different kinds of music. KM Inc. is built with the same team that used to run the formerly operating music label “Fangoria Musick” of FANGORIA Magazine. This is a Safe haven for the brutally abstract & talented. artist or band. We do all our own Graphic Designs and Web Development, Including this very website. We’re still growing to this day, and slowly we’re getting in a good place. Connecting with many great horror companies and none of it could be possible without our head Manager April Bedan. April’s not just a manager for KM Inc. but she has directed all of KARDIAC’s music videos and Short Films. When they’re transfixed on something, the material takes on a life of its own.