new manglerr2

Have you ever felt threatened when you’re just out to have a good time? well, no matter which way that situation may end. If there was one person you can put all your money on to have your back that would be MANGLER. Over the years MANGLER has left scars on those who tested that theory in many barroom brawls. He doesn’t go looking for them, but if something pops off things can flip a 180 in a matter of seconds. It could be from growing up on the rough streets of Newburgh New York. MANGLER & KARDIAC have grown up living in one town over from each other. They have been getting fucked up & stayed friends since before writing songs was ever a thing for them. Some of you may know MANGLER from the 2005 group project ALCOHOLIC MONSTERZ. “From The Vodka on The Rocks To The Watered Down Scotch”  This Monster may have been gone for a min, but the thoughts are running rapidly. He has now joined the KM Inc. Camp, and has been sent a big batch of beats. Now it won’t be too long before you all get acquainted with MANGLER once again. So throw a little ice in the glass & pull up a seat, Cause the bars just open.