As you all know, Blood Hoarder dropped Oct 26th on Unrestrained Sounds. Truth at contacted Unrestrained about wanting to produce a review for the album. His review is as follows:


I have been listening to this CD all day today and even now for god only knows what time I’m on now I stopped counting after I listened to the album 10 times in a row lol. Normally any CD I review no matter the artist I will listen to it 4 times once when I wake up the day I am going to review it  2 more times after I had my fill of coffee and had a yummy breakfast cooked by my wonderful wife Hey Hey and co owner of UTL INC and the 4th time I will have Hey hey and our son the “Monkey” sit down to listen to the album to see what their reactions are, and for a 5th time as I write the review. So for me to have listened to this album continuously all day long says allot for this album on a personal and professional evaluation for this CD.

Each track is completely dark and morbid with a killer sick beat that have been blended together that this albums has a flow that when you start off from the first track next thing you know the album is over and leaves you wanting more. At the same time as I mention that we do have once complaint which is the total length of the album is only 38 and half minutes long. Besides the lack of time the album is extremely tight and each track flows flawlessly into the next track making it honestly seem like one long song that is telling a very horrid tale from the minds of Kardiac and Zehl. Each of the beats for each song sound beautiful, they are crisp and you can tell care was used when creating and mastering each one. The lyrics and vocals are also done with the same quality of the beats and the mixing of the two to produce each track make them perfect with out any flaws. When listening to any of the tracks you would not think they were the tracks that come from a mid level Underground artist but what you normally would expect coming from artist on the more predominate labels in the Underground Industry like Strange Music and Suburban Noize, NO WAIT the production of this album actually exceeds their standards and is in a class truly of its own for the Underground Industry.

So how did we rate this album well lets look at the scores:

Lyrics /and story line:  4 out of 5

Beats:  5 out of 5

Album Art and Price:  5 out of 5

Overall Rating*:  4.6 out of 5

  *(overall rating is the average of the other ratings)

This album is worth purchasing the digital version from Amazon for $8.99 or the hard copy from the Kardiac Store for $10.00, we highly recommend the hard copy as you get more bang for your dollar than the digital copy.


You can also see Truth’s full post about the album along with pictures of the products that came with his Blood Hoarder order