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After months of filming a whole bunch of different shit, I’m happy to bring you all a music video from my latest release Sleep Deprivation. This track is called IT’S HARD TO KEEP A SECRET. We shot the footage for this video in the middle of fall, around the same time we released the PM commercial. My original plans were to come out with a short film for this track. I had it all put together pretty much, but I’m just not 100% happy with it. So instead I decided to at least hit you all with a music video rather than nothing. I should have release this video in January, but like i said I can’t ever settle or make up my mind with what I want to do fast enough. So That’s why it took 3 months to put out this video. On that note, I hope you all enjoy it. If you like it, all I ask from you is to share it & spread the word.

I just wanna give a big thanks to all involved in the making of this, especially  Co-C.E.O & Manager of Unrestrained SoundsApril Bedan.” She filmed the whole shit and did a great job directing my vision. I wouldn’t be releasing it today if it wasn’t for her help. Sleep Deprivation is still doing good I’ve been getting orders from all over the world. In my personal opinion SLEE DEP is the best piece of work I’ve dropped since my return. Which made things difficult to figure out which song to do a video for. Every track is entirely different from each other. I decided on IT’S HARD TO KEEP A SECRET because it meets somewhere in the middle. If you want the full details about the music video visit and SUBSCRIBE to the KARDIACMUSIC youtube channel at:


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