Prescription for Death

Band :
Title : Prescription for Death
Release Date : January 1, 2002
Label :
Format : Digital Download
  1. Summer of Sam Hain
  2. Rock the Cradle
  3. Often Wonder Why [Interlude]
  4. Very Bad Things ft. Mangler
  5. Lake Night Robberies ft. DJ cuts by EnYouTee
  6. Emotion Sickness [Original Version]
  7. Shameless [True Story Skit]
  8. Far Away Where Nobody Will Find You ft. Messiah
  9. Butchered in a Well of Maggots
  10. He's Mean [Interlude]
  11. Tested Positive ft. E.coli
  12. Dance with the Reaper ft. Nuttro, Warface, Many Faces, Cespool, and Negative Mass
  13. Death Within Sex [Original Version]
  14. Outro