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What’s good, everyone? I hope everybody has been getting through okay during these unstable times. 2020 was a re-start for everybody, including myself. When I dropped Daydreams of Crime Scenes in March of 2020, I thought to myself, what kind of luck is this? It actually worked out better than I expected. I know I don’t post much as I used to on my social media pages, but I’m gonna try to do a bit more of it. However, that’s not my main focus. If you’ve been supporting my work, you should all know the website is the place to go for any updates I may have.

So here’s one of many to come- a quick heads up where I’m at with things and what 2022 will look like. If you haven’t noticed the new KARDIAC MUSIC logo, it has been re-designed and polished up just right. At this very moment, I’m in the studio working on a few different things. You’ll start to see them drop, most likely, in early 2022. It’s ‘Hard to Keep a Secret’, but I will say this – we will be adding a new, but familiar, face to the KARDIAC release roster. I’m very stoked about what’s to come; I wish I could let you all know now, but it will be well worth the wait. I believe it’s something the Kardiac Music brand needed as a whole and something that’s completely unexpected. That’s all I can say as of right now, but I promise, you wont have to wait for it as long as you did for Daydreams of Crime Scenes lol. We’re on a much faster track and early 2022 is the target. Prep your fixed eyes for the sensory overload coming soon. As always, thanks to everyone who has continued to support what we do. We’ll will see you all in 2022!