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THE OLD METHOD OF BUYING BEATS: I wanted to make things as simple as possible for those of you that buy beats from me. Let me first start off by saying we can still stick with the old method of buying beats which is, e-mailing me the name of the beat you want, wait for my reply and if it’s available I will then have you send payment via paypal to Once payment is verified I will then send you the beat through e-mail using


THE NEW METHOD OF BUYING BEATS: I have things setup now in my store where you can purchase a beat just like you purchase a cd or t-shirt. You click on the “BEATS FOR SALE” tab at the store, and then choose the beat you want to buy and hit add to cart. Once payment is verified I will then send the file through e-mail using The beat then goes to the e-mail address that was used at checkout. If you would like the file sent to a different email, please specify the updated email in the Notes section during checkout. All beats are $20.50, the 50 cents covers all paypal tax fees.

If you know how to send the money without having paypal take out the tax fees then the old method would be a better option to send payment.




This is a quick heads up for anyone in the need for some beats. Once again, I posted up 3 new beats, one of which I produced entitled “Skyline Lights.” The 2 other beats are produced by April Bedan. April’s beats are titled “Face Breaker” & “Cyber.” All beats can be purchased through me via paypal at to keep things simple.

April is my manager and now a part of The KARDIAC production team. Her beats tend to be a different style than mine, but still have the dark feel to them. There aren’t a lot of female producers that I know of, so I’m getting her into producing a lot more. There will be more beats from her to come and posted to my soundcloud page within the near future. KEEP AN EYE OUT. If you would like to contact her directly about beats, e-mail 





The story is about a man that suffers from mutable personality disorder and sometimes see things that aren’t there. He has an overly protective rage about his own farmland.
Throughout the course of the film things only get darker,gory & bizarre. If your into movies like high tension and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this film has a bit of those combined into one with a totally original story in itself.


Watch The Trailer Below in HD

[youtuber vimeo=’′]

If you haven’t purchased the Gifts Of Blood Two Dual CD & DVD package deal, now would be the best time to get it. My Supply’s are running low and I probably wont be getting anymore copies until next year. The Dual CD & DVD Package Deal comes with both Gifts Of Blood 1 [Revisited Version] and the new Gifts Of Blood Two CD along with a Short Film/ Music Video called The County Road Cover Up. The County Road Cover up is a track on Gifts Of Blood Two and the beat was originally produced by Justinfekt and then re-vamped by me in 2014.  So pickup the dual CD & DVD package deal if you wanna check out the short film/ music video.

Package Deal Only available at The for $10.00 USD plus shipping. You get two CD’s & a DVD all pro-pressed. Due to limited supplies Now is the time to purchase the package deal. Visit the link below to order.



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I know I haven’t posted up beats in awhile I just been busy as of late. So I’m sure there’s a bunch of you out there that will be glad to hear some new beats for sale. For now on the beats I do sale and post up will be snippets, to keep beat jacking pricks from stealing my shit. It’s not right for those of you out there that do pay for the beat and then someone jacks the shit without me knowing. I’m not saying that has happened, It’s just to be on the safe side of things.  


So what I have for you today are 5 unfinished beats and they are all for sale. Right now, the stage their in they’re unfinished but keep in mind when you purchase it I will complete the beat and add or remove whatever it is you want done. This way it gives you more of an option on how you would like the beat structured. I can change the drums to any of these beats, I will be adding extra bass to some of them, and like I said they’re raw & unfinished right now. It wont take me long to finish the beat once you purchase it. I like my beats to have an intro, a basic verse part,  a verse part switch up and then hook part. These are just raw snippets. I’m looking to get anywhere’s from $15.00 to $30.00 depending on the beat and how much work will go into it. I’m not asking for much and I feel all my beats are well worth more then $15.00 to $30.00 bucks

All the beats in this snippet are not sampled from an outside composer, all these beats are hand played through the programs I use. Usually I want a lil more money for these kinds of beats but I’ll keep the prices at a fair rate.

If anyone is interested in a beat contact me via e-mail at all payment will be done through