So, yesterday I threw up a new beat giving you all a deal on it with artwork. I know some of you have heard it cause the plays have went up. Anyway, this morning I went back and listened over to some of the beats I have up, and figured to drop some prices. There’s about 5 or 6 beats I dropped the prices down to”$15.00” and maybe two or 3 to even  “$10.00.” I don’t ask for much, I know times are rough, some of yous are unemployed but still trying to get into this wretched business. This is how I make some extra money…selling beats, verses, artwork, ect. This is the best I can do for yous when it comes to prices. So, take a gander back at some of the beats, you might be surprised by some of them I dropped prices on. There’s still a few up that are going for $20.00, and those I can’t budge any lower. Help a brother out, I could really use any support right about now… BUY SOME BEATS!

For serious Inquiries only, please contact me at: kardiacmusic@gmail.com


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