WHAT UP! If you haven’t heard I made a new Facebook page so everyone can also keep updated on shit through there. My facebook link is: http://www.facebook.com/KARDIACMUSIC2  so add me!


Now on to the Unrestrained Updates

First, I would like to welcome our NEWEST MEMBER to the label, E.COLI! aka Damien Buckhills. He’s been a longtime friend and we had plans to announce his association with US awhile back but I didn’t want to clutter so much at once. When we first launched Unrestrained the focus was on Blood Hoarder and the way to make things right with each release, I like to give it their own time to shine before announcing another release etc. A personal Bio for E.coli and sample song can be found by visiting UnrestrainedSounds.com under the “NEW Unrestrained Sounds Artist” post!

 Second, we just announced the NEXT OFFICIAL RELEASE from Unrestrained Sounds – Filthography “Thought You Two Were Dead.”  I’m sure most of you know who Filthography is but if you don’t, it’s a group that consists of Myself & E.coli aka Damien BuckHills. All 3 Bios (KARDIAC, ECOLI, & FILTHOGRAPHY) can be found under the “Artists” tab on the website. This will be Unrestrained Sound’s second Official release, and a release date will be announced SOON! Until then, check out our 2003 release “Passion of the Filth” at my Bandcamp Page http://kardiac.bandcamp.com/

Lastly, I rebuilt the whole website layout to really make it fit the Unrestrained title. The way it use to look I wasn’t really feeling it, it was just something I threw together at the time cause we needed a website up fast. So, stop by, check out the new site, and peep all the FRESH news at Unrestrained Sounds!

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