My good friends “Sodoma Gomora” from Czech Republic who are also featured on my recently released project “Blood Hoarder” has just made another place available for you to purchase the album. If you haven’t heard by now what Blood Hoarder is, it’s a group project that consist of myself and Zehl, which Zehl entirely produced the whole album. Not only are Sodoma Gomora featured on the album but other artists such as Tyler Guida former singer of Dr.Acula, Jakprogresso, Mc Bushpig, MC.Cumblood and more, are also featured on it as well. Now adding to the list of stores Blood Hoarder is being sold at, I am proud to have it available in the ZNK Shop. So check out their website and pick up a copy of  Blood Hoarder along with many other items of merchandise they have for sale.


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