It’s been over a year since my last release and I feel like things are finally beginning to fall into place. I’m right where I need to be. Unrestrained Sounds is my nesting place for all my upcoming releases.  Blood Hoarder Pre-orders are NOW AVAILABLE TODAY at Kardiac Music as well as Unrestrained Sounds. Over time, Unrestrained Sounds as well as myself, will continue to grow larger and larger. A few associated artists will also emerge within time as we announce their involvement with Unrestrained Sounds. So keep us alive with all of your support.

“Blood Hoarder” is Unrestrained’s very first official release, and today marks the beginning of the takeover.  This album features some of the biggest names in the underground music scene from all over the world. It took patience and hard work from both myself and Zehl. We  finally completed our project to present you with the MOST HORRID album to date. Blood Hoarder definitely raises the bar with its musically aggressive display of violence.  I developed the idea to include a giveaway package to show my appreciation for your undying support. Only those who purchase the pre-orders within the specified time will gain access to my newest material that I personally produced.

As a treat, to give you all some hype for the release, I decided two weeks ago to create a Blood Hoarder short film/promo commercial.  This was my very first attempt, in association with Unrestrained Sounds, to create an Unrestrained Film.  I personally did all of the music insertion, video editing, and effects. This short film gives you an idea of what life is like behind the scenes of a blood hoarder.

Check out the video displayed below the flyer! Or visit: Unrestrained Sound’s Vimeo Page to view!





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