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Inside KARDIAC Studio2



If you’re an artist and looking for custom production work for a project e-mail me. I usually charge $50.00 USD for each beat but I’m open to negotiate. When you purchase a custom beat, I make it exactly how you described it until your 100% happy with it. If there’s anything you want changed within the beat, it can be changed. I also sale pre-made beats that I produced that don’t have any custom features to it just beats I’m looking to sale that I don’t use. The rates vary on those beats from  $15.00 to $25.00 USD each beat. For all my pre-made beats go visit my soundcloud page or click on the tab in the menu that says “BUY BEATS.” Don’t forget to subscribe to my soundcloud while your there.



If you had the chance to see the music videos/ short films I’ve released you can get of get a small idea of the sound I composed for those videos. On this site click on the “KARDIAC FILMS” section and you will see all my music videos. was nice enough to debut two of my videos on their website one entitled “The County Road Cover Up” & the other “The Cleanser.” Both of those videos may give you an idea of what my composing is like.  If you’re a indie or major filmmaker and would like to have me compose the music for your next project, that would be awesome! best way to reach me is by e-mail.

Some are probably wondering why I have such an option open? the answer is I’m growing a new passion for film making. So If there’s any chance for me to branch into the film industry I want to at least try. I have been making music all my life, you can say a few decades, so I’m no beginner when it comes to producing and sound. I produce the music for a lot of my own song’s and have been for a longtime. Depending on the the circumstance, I would possibly design the music for your film for free. For further details  & questions  e-mail me at