What is good everyone I’m still alive and getting shit done the last two weeks have been crazy… E.coli came out here to TX from NY and we rocked the show on the 4th in Austin TX which was a pretty good turnout I will have videos and photos of the show within a week or two… but now onto the following as I said the past two weeks have been a real mental workout me and E.coli wrote and recorded in “ONE WEEK” a new Filthography Ep called “Thought You Two Were Dead“, I produced all the beats for it and I gotta say as this being the very first project I ever worked on where I’m the only producer this is something I’m very proud of.. it feels more like a custom made album if that makes any sense, We took a way different approach this time we opened all the scabs and let them bleed out on the drums it’s RAW! DARK! FUNNY! NO FEATURES! and most of all REAL! from start to finish there’s no comparison to the last album we dropped back in 2003 “The passion of the Filth” you can tell we both grown as artist individually and for the better as a Group, I’m not gonna get into details about it I’m gonna let the music speak for itself but it’s been 9 years… 9 YEARS!!! since the last Filth album… We’re pushing towards this summer to release it so keep an eye out here for more announcements, Filthography Facebook page coming soon.



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