Jak sent me his vocals yesterday, I’ve Known this dude for many year’s both of us being from NY and done shows together in the past, I’ve been wanting to get something done with him for awhile now but we both have been real busy and never really had a chance to get it done till now. This song Will be on the Upcoming Blood Hoarder Album and it will take you back to that cosy little place in Jonestown, Guyana where they serve  kool aid, sing and play horse shoe’s. Also I will be getting my next Kardiac T-shirt’s Designed by Jak.. So you know they’re going to look sick he has some really bugged out work if you haven’t seen it def go check it and Buy some it’s def worth every cent, Click http://jacktripper.bandcamp.com/ to check out some of Jak Progresso’s Albums and peep Jak’s Video “Diethyl” Down Below.


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