I’ve been getting a lot of new people coming through the site as of late, and I just wanted to post this up as a reminder. My bandcamp page has most of my old albums, released & unreleased stuff on it. I do plan to add “Dumpster Diving Vol.1” to the list since I’m completely “SOLD OUT” of hard copies. Just today, I put up the PLAY GOD Vinyl for download, although I do prefer you to buy a physical copy from the store at the same price as the download.

Only $3.00, the difference is your paying a little extra for shipping, if you buy it from the store, but it’s def worth it and a great collectors item if you don’t have a record player.  Visit the store today and check out the new vinyl along with the other merch I’ve got stocked in there. If you haven’t bought Blood Hoarder by now, you’re missing out. Blood hoarder comes with a free poster. So, spend a little over $10 bucks and grab yourself a vinyl as well as a copy of Blood Hoarder at: http://kardiacstore.bigcartel.com 

For Those who would rather just download the vinyl go to http://kardiac.bandcamp.com 

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