THANK FUCKING GOD! After months of searching for the right player, I finally found one I will settle on. What is Kardiac Music without the music? – the website really needed one. A lot of you will be happy to know it’s packed with old and new tracks, but all have been released on something. So, sorry, no leaks this time around. I’m really savoring this next album for the right moment and it’s 98% completed. Anyways, back to the music player. Though, it’s def a plus to have it, it gives you all a little something more to do while you’re visiting the site. Only down fall is the player stops whenever you click on a page or link. I know that sucks, but it should play automatically once you’re on that next page. Trust me, I dug for a player with something like that. They make you sign up on the maker’s website and setup an account and upload all the songs that ways — fuck that. That’s a bit too much. I like to keep things on the simple side, especially for some people who just want to hit play and be done with it. So, enjoy the new player. There’s over 20 tracks in there, so have a blast. You can find it at on the left sidebar, beneath the Search Bar. You really can’t miss it. I’ll add a picture of what the music player looks like in this post.



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