I got some great news yesterday regarding my very first vinyl, “Play God.” My boy, Wolf, from Austria-Europe,  owner of HIRNTRUST GRIND MEDIAis the company who is putting it out. He got the word yesterday from the pressing plant that the vinyls are all pressed, and will be shipped to him by Friday. Due to overseas shipping, I won’t have them in my hands for another 2 weeks, but they will be in both the Unrestrained Store, and my own store, the Kardiac StoreI’m pretty amped up about this myself because the only vinyl I was ever involved with was the “Creepozoids” vinyl. That will also be in the Unrestrained Store very soon. I only produced a beat for the Creepozoids vinyl, and that was back in 2004-ish. This Play God vinyl will have the song Re-Mastered and sounding crispy, along with the Instrumental on side B. So look out for this, it’s def a great collector’s item even if you don’t have a record player. Plus, there’s only a limited amount of records being pressed so you don’t wanna miss out on this!

By the way, the vinyl artwork was created by myself, front cover and back. The back of the vinyl will also feature the lyrics for Play God. COP THIS SHIT WHEN IT DROPS!

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