I know it’s been a min since I’ve posted about anything in along time, but I hope all of you who have supported me over the years, can understand my absent from music and all social media was a much needed process. I’m not here to dwell on bullshit, I’m here and I’ve been at work nonstop producing and wrapped up Daydreams of Crime Scenes about a month ago, and yes! they’re finally pressed and are set to go. 

I’m coming by today to let everyone know, the original KARDIAC Store is back up with a new url KARDIACMERCH.COM

It is setup via bigcartel, which I’m sure some of you will be happy about, many have gotten used to a formula and I can understand that, so I want everything to be as easy as possible when you go to order merch. Please spread the word and stay connected, you all have waited long enough and they’ll be some major announcements to come within the weeks ahead.

Thanks to everyone who visits the website, and shares the link, from the most humble -KARDIAC!