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What’s good, everyone? I hope everybody has been getting through okay during these unstable times. 2020 was a re-start for everybody, including myself. When I dropped Daydreams of Crime Scenes in March of 2020, I thought to myself, what kind of luck is this? It actually worked out better than I expected. I know I don’t post much as I used to on my social media pages, but I’m gonna try to do a bit more of it. However, that’s not my main focus. If you’ve been supporting my work, you should all know the website is the place to go for any updates I may have.

So here’s one of many to come- a quick heads up where I’m at with things and what 2022 will look like. If you haven’t noticed the new KARDIAC MUSIC logo, it has been re-designed and polished up just right. At this very moment, I’m in the studio working on a few different things. You’ll start to see them drop, most likely, in early 2022. It’s ‘Hard to Keep a Secret’, but I will say this – we will be adding a new, but familiar, face to the KARDIAC release roster. I’m very stoked about what’s to come; I wish I could let you all know now, but it will be well worth the wait. I believe it’s something the Kardiac Music brand needed as a whole and something that’s completely unexpected. That’s all I can say as of right now, but I promise, you wont have to wait for it as long as you did for Daydreams of Crime Scenes lol. We’re on a much faster track and early 2022 is the target. Prep your fixed eyes for the sensory overload coming soon. As always, thanks to everyone who has continued to support what we do. We’ll will see you all in 2022!


First Verse:
Such a force of nature when it’s human vs beast,
They must of tore through her crotch and left the baby chewed up in leaves,
Traditional tribes survive sticking by code,
Whatever the wolves leave behind they pick off the bones,
To feed a snake they don’t need a lot,
You grab the rat by its legs and smack its head on a rock,
50 PETA supporters died because of their side talk,
When all’s you try to do was make music on the side walk,
He prayed to God the night she started having contractions,
3 months in was too early for this to happen,
In his palm kissing a dead fetus,
Now it hangs in his rear view whenever delivers pizzas,
When you fuck the dead your sperm automatically dies,
Cause there’s too many chemicals exploding inside,
That’s why she’s bloated and dry, who that be you ask,
They girl up in the tree with her organs pull out through her ass.

Lollygag, Lollygag, with all of your friends as much as you want,
You’re all completely dead inside, enjoy your high,

Second Verse:
They got her down and dragged her in the boat,
Her face ate away from the rain water and mosquitoes,
Like something out of “Predator” fed from her,
Left a nest of eggs in her back to keep them safe till they hatch,
There was a rotting smell in the breeze and,
It’s so strong you get a taste when you breathe in,
Music enlightens Satan when I sing songs,
Run a blade up your chest plate while the head barely hangs on,
They know what I did and want my bones and skin,
Started a fire in my yard and danced with dead chickens,
Pounding on drums during their voodoo rituals,
Planning to burn my house down in beliefs I am the devil,
I adore you more when your under my floor boards,
Where the lights dark getting covered with animal bite marks,
Close the shades and take no calls,
A Bible bed time story decaying in my walls.

Lollygag, Lollygag, with all of your friends as much as you want,
You’re all completely dead inside, enjoy your high,



Time flies when you lose count of the victims. KARDIAC has been discarding corpses in remote areas for most of 2021, so when the time comes, there’ll be stacks of evidence to thumb through. They say history repeats itself and that rings true for some, but not for KARDIAC. He has been consumed by demons in alternate dimensions and his persona has shifted with it.

We went on a frigid ride through “Daydreams of Crime Scenes,” but now it’s time to crank up the heat…buckle up for the next vivid journey. No need to tiptoe in to check the temperature; we dove head first in the deep end for this next project. We’ll send some solar flares throughout the winter to keep you all safe from hypothermia. Keep an eye out for the beacon in the sky when we signal the call to arms. You’ll be able to feel the ecstasy emanating…take a few hits then meet us at the dive bar. Bring a few bucks to toss on stage, but be wary of the hypnotic twilight zone-like twirls…you’ll lose touch with reality.

We’re stomping out the last bit of flames from this hellish year.

As the temperature drops for the winter so have the prices at the KARDIAC Merch Store.

The crime scenes were conjured up in KARDIAC‘s daydreams, but we unknowingly prepped for the pandemic with masks and gloves which were used in “The Evidence Bags” promo video.

Similar odd occurrences have transpired in the midst of previous releases as well. The other bugged out incidences will circulate as the doom and gloom era clears, but in short, another twisted tale involves the “Play God” single release. After shooting the promo photos for “Play God“, 3 separate fires erupted and surrounded that house over the 6 weeks that followed. Still, even now, we consider “Play God” to be one of our most cursed releases. We’re relieved that “Daydreams” tapped into KARDIAC‘s subconscious versus his nightmares.

Scathed but still standing, we’re clawing our way through this callous year, and hope all of you are doing well.

If you have yet to witness what KARDIAC did “The Night Of“, now is your time! Snatch up any remaining KARDIAC Merch before 2020 gets washed away along with all of our sins.

I’m sure some of you may have noticed the website was down for a few days. We ran into some problems with the SSL and now changed back to it’s original format of http instead of https. Since I’m not selling any merch directly from KARDIACMUSIC.COM, there was no point of keeping the SSL. Things may change as we continue to do updates throughout the website within the coming weeks ahead.
Now for anyone looking to buy psychical merch, I temporally disabled KARDIACMERCH.COM until further notice. So as of right now, I’m only doing digital so if you’re still trying to find a copy of “Daydreams of Crime Scenes”please visit: KARDIAC.BANDCAMP.COM





Everyone waiting on the digital release, you can now visit: KARDIAC.BANDCAMP.COM to instantly download your copy today! Take a step down a dark rabbit hole of psychosis as KARDIAC’s daydreams become crime scenes in this 15 track Full-Length album.


View the kill map and walk through the dumpsites. Today, we make all of the grizzly details available to the general public. “Daydreams of Crime Scenes” is a deep, dark stairway down a rabbit hole of psychosis. Listen to the mania rip apart the fabric of reality, spitting out the subconscious scared mind of KARDIAC. “Daydreams of Crime Scenes” is a solid 15 track, genuine full-length album from start to finish. This is KARDIAC’s first release since his departure from FANGORIA, and no shortcuts were made throughout the making of this album. Bear witness and prepare yourself because once you lift the sheet, there’s no way of getting the images out of your head.

We’ve set up multiple options for everyone in the merch store: CD & FREE signed Poster, or for those who want more, check out the different evidence bag options. The digital release will drop on March 6th at

Click the link below to head to the KARDIACMerch Store to grab Daydreams and merch!


Now, only four days away, the “Evidence Bags” are ready to be torn open and fully examined. Extreme measures have been taken to make sure that no stone was left unturned. Different options will be available for pre-order this Friday, February 28th 2020. If you want to collect more than just a CD and a poster, there will be two variations of Evidence Bags to choose from. Take a “Second Glance” and notice the grizzly differences between “Evidence Bag #1” & “Evidence Bag #2”:

Dig into the “Evidence Bags” this Friday Feb, 28th 2020. Authorities will disclose all of the items they have to build their case. We need your help..snatch up these bags to divert attention. Below is an image of what you’re getting so that you won’t be startled by the gory mess:

Turn the blinds down and crank the volume up. Take a stroll with KARDIAC as he reflects on “The Night Of.” This eerily hypnotizing track is the first ear-worm to hit your speakers in nearly 5 years. As Fangoria Musick’s corpse decomposed, KARDIAC was in the basement piecing together the limbs and organs for “Daydreams of Crime Scenes”. We clawed our way out of the grave plot to provide evidence for this cold case. The risk of Death Row is child’s play compared to the nightmarish visions KARDIAC drifted in and out of within this wicked album.

Prep your psyche as KARDIAC takes you through “The Night Of” from “Daydreams of Crime Scenes.”

KARDIAC has been evading capture since the release of his FANGORIA Musick album, “In the Peripheral” in 2015. Since then, he has been working under the radar and off the grid to piece together his defense with “Daydreams of Crime Scenes”. Now that he has all of his alibis secured and ironed out, we’re ready to release this callous escapade to the general public without fear of prosecution. As details emerge, you’ll begin to notice the grotesque attention to detail that this heartless criminal conjured up.

Callous minds can reach incredibly dark depths that may be beyond comprehension to any normal individual. Altered chemicals in the brain are the likely cause for erratic behavior, but damage to the brain’s frontal lobe is thought to be the culprit of an individual’s complete lack of empathy. When experiencing this simultaneously, the probability of a devastating event is extremely high. The sense of right and wrong never hinders a perpetrator’s decisions and desires which allows them to act on their morbidly ruthless imaginations. “Daydreams of Crime Scenes” treads the unnerving borderline of an unbalanced mind’s eye, drifting in and out of various delusions that fluctuate with manic highs and depressive lows. The somber and disturbing incidents within are chilling. Allow your brain to take a glance inside a macabre altered reality. Warning: The grim contents may cause a severely scathed subconscious.

“Daydreams of Crime Scenes” pre-orders are set to release on February 28th with the album debut coming March 6th. Keep your eyes peeled for details so that we can call on you as a witness at the next court date.  Catch the first bits of evidence below for a sneak peak at what’s to come in the next few weeks: