Well I hate that it has come to this, but once again my music has made a frighting impression on a potential business affiliate. This came as a shock to me as they were also horror gerne related. My manager and I were recently in contact with a horror attraction warehouse to film my next music video, Thee initial agreement was confirmed in mid October. We had setup a meeting and did a walk through of the building in the beginning of November. In the process of this meeting we had discussed the brutal nature intended for the music video and gave a detailed description of the song which has yet to be released. Also we gave them full access to all “Kardiac Music” related websites and kept nothing hidden from them since the very first time we were in contact. After numerous confirmation the filming date was set for December 8th. So I recently went out and purchased a couple hundred dollar’s worth of high definition filming equipment.  Plans and story line were already drawn out for the video idea we were set to GO!


Hey April, okay, some bad news. I did finally get around to checking out the video.. not sure what to make of it. I also found another video (http://youtu.be/Tykd99HeRG8) which was way more disturbing, not to mention full of copyright issues. Okay look, I like you guys, I just didn’t know what I was getting myself into until I watched this stuff. This is some seriously dark shit, and honestly it just feels like bad energy to me. I don’t really want to connect myself or the haunt to this kind of stuff. I especially don’t see the need to use actual autopsy footage.

I have been in the horror business for a few years and have loved horror movies my whole life, but there is a very big difference between real and fake to me. But I don’t really base my haunted house off of “shock value” as much as I focus on entertainment. I think you are very talented, but the visuals and the lyrics don’t do you justice. This is just one man’s opinion, but the stuff your doing is suprisingly too edgy for me. I must be getting old.

Look, again, I like you guys but I cannot associate the haunt with this. I am sorry I didn’t tell you this sooner, I have been going back and forth on this for about 4 days and I just had to make a choice. This just is not a direction I want to go. I repsect your talent, but frankly your music / videos scare me a bit – there just a little too real.I dunno, either way sorry to do this, I just can’t get behind this.


The YouTube link mentioned in their reply was to the “Ass to Mouth” video featuring MC.Bushpig. It was never intended to be an official video which is why I never claimed copyrights or any video credits. It was built of several already posted autopsy footage from YouTube itself. The posting of this video was merely to release the song “Ass to Mouth” for listing purposes only, but there were some extra visuals thrown in it as well. Any ways after the meeting I gave them a free copy of “Blood Hoarder” to check out. Despite seeing the “Ass to Mouth” video, they claimed my music in general is lyrically too dark and real, but that’s a pretty hypercritical statement when they’re visually and psychically exhibiting the same aspect of horror and brutality in their horror attraction. They even go on to say my music literally scares them so I guess I can say I’m doing something right lol. After realizing all their contradictions in their e-mail, my manager defended my music as it is “Horror” related music entertainment, as they’re also “Horror” related in the visual aspect of entertainment.



I just want to clear up a few concerns within your email, and I’ll address them in the order it was brought up in your reply.

First of all,

The video you found on Kardiac’s YouTube was not meant to be an “official video,” therefore, we never claimed any copyrights or credits from the pictures and video footage used in it. It was a fan-made, thrown together video with pictures from google and autopsy video footage from other YouTube videos that are posted for everyone to see. As mentioned in my first email to you, I mentioned Kardiac was a horror music artist and gave you website links to Unrestrained Sounds as well as Kardiac’s official website–there are also links on those to all of his music streams, videos, and free downloadable content. You had agreed to let us film before looking at our websites where you’d be getting credit in return for us filming at the haunt? With all due respect, you had the links to check out our website, music, and videos before agreeing to let us film.


You’re right, there is a very big difference in between real and fake. Our lyrics aren’t real just as your haunted house isn’t either. They are just 2 different forms of entertainment. All of the horror genre is based off of shock value and entertainment, otherwise, there would be no other way to scare people. We both have our ways of entertainment–yours is visually, with your haunt–ours is lyrically, with our music. Either way, both are for entertainment purposes only. For instance, your haunt is full of dead, bloody bodies, bloodied walls, hanging torsos, and malicious weapons. Kardiac’s music merely describes those same things lyrically, which is typically harder to do because you have to vividly describe what you’re seeing without actually seeing it. Just as ending your haunted house with 2 different chainsaw wielding actors–it’s for the shock value. Our forms of entertainment are edgy, but in their own ways. Overall, both are built for shock value and entertainment as what the horror genre is made for.


I had first emailed you on October 17th. I do realize you were busy at the time; however, we had our meeting on November 10th–almost 3 weeks ago. I know Corey had also texted you to confirm the filming date, and you still gave the green light. He had explained to you that we would be ordering some equipment for the shoot. Since then, we have bought countless things in order to get the best video quality for our filming, which includes, buying a new HD digital camera valued at a few hundred dollars just for this video, non-refundable. So, not only losing out on a location to film, we’ve also lost out on money. We would have never went out of our way to buy these things, but we wanted the best quality possible to ensure the details of the haunt and video came out in the highest definition.

Honestly, it was very unprofessional on your behalf to wait so long to ultimately deny our filming after countless times of confirming the agreement. If there was any doubt, you should have let us known as soon as possible and keep us on the fence about filming rather than giving us a green light just to eventually go back on your word. Again, before agreement, there were plenty of ways for you to research the music and websites that you would have been associated with. I had mentioned I would give you credit on both websites, and I am extremely surprised you never even took the chance to view either one before agreeing. All in all, to say that you are scared of the music and videos is actually a compliment to us. This means, we are doing our jobs as entertainers in our field. I do believe if someone went through the haunt and were not scared or shocked, it would be a total disappointment and there would be no need to continue doing it.

Nonetheless, thanks for the opportunity to see the haunt and taking your time out to meet with us. I regret that nothing further will happen within this business relationship. I will remove your links from both of our websites to completely withdrawal your association with us.

Thanks anyway,



Overall yet again my music has surprisingly managed to scared off even a business member who has been apart of the horror industry for several years. The bottom line is what’s the point of getting involved with anything horror related if it’s not meant to shock or scare? if nobody get’s that response out of it, then there’s no point of doing it in the first place. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to this but my next music video may come at a later date. This isn’t the first and probably not the last time opportunities will arise and then fold due to the graphic nature of my music, but this is what I love to do and as the great words of Bryan Adams says “[Everything I Do] I Do It For You.” lol

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