I’ve been in a giving mood as of late and you can tell by my 50% OFF sale going on in the store right now make sure you all take advantage of it while it lasts.  PLAY GOD, in a way, is an example of thing’s to come. I feel if I give you all a little something for free time to time, maybe more of you will support and buy stuff. Don’t get me wrong, they’re  a lot of you who do support and for those who do I really appreciate it. I feel, it should be about the music not who you’re down with and who you do tracks with cause on the real… who gives a fuck.  If the music is good then support it. Don’t support somebody just because they did a track with someone you like and then torture yourself later on by listing to it. This music shit is getting way over populated and its time for you as an consumer, to let go of their hands and watch these  mother fuckers drown. Any how PLAY GOD is a new track that I produced myself and did for fun. I wrote it pretty quick and there’s some real foul shit in this song. I’ve been kind of stuck writing just straight fucked up brutal lyrics since Blood Hoarder and all the left over horror hasn’t washed off yet.  Check it out and download it for free on the Unrestrained Sounds [BANDCAMP PAGE]

SONG: Play God





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