As you can all tell, I haven’t been posting much on the website or my social media spots lately. I have been super busy trying to wrap up my own shit while working on other artists’ material set to drop soon on UNRESTRAINED. So, now, I am pleased to inform you all that my next release is FINISHED and we HAVE SET a release date: NOVEMBER 28TH 2014.  This is exactly one month from TODAY which is why I decided to make the announcement today. This will be exclusively sold ONLY at – Each week that passes, there’s going to be MORE INFO about GIFTS OF BLOOD 2. I mentioned on my facebook page that we have something big planned, and that we DO! I don’t want to give all the info out right away…so I’ll let it all build up to the release date. You can know this though…I got an old friend of mine to come and drop some brutal shit on GIFTS OF BLOOD 2. You’ve seen him featured on a few of my tracks before... MC.BUSHPIG! He is the only feature on GOB2, and I wanted it that way. Basically, 99% of the beats on GOB2 are produced by me, except for one, which was originally made back in the late 90’s by my boy, JUSTINFEKTOriginally, he produced it. I just revamped it a little because it is an older beat. I’m just glad to have him involved in this project as well. Stay awake and spread the word. There’s more to come very shortly. THANK YOU ALL WHO KEEP THE SUPPORT COMING.

gob 2 annoucment 1st flyer

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