Some of you may or may not wonder what I do with my free time when I’m away from making music. You see my mind is constantly racing and it never seems to stop thinking of new idea’s and what to do next. Since my last attempt at making the Blood Hoarder promo commercial, I stepped it up a bit and downloaded some video editing software. I recently figured out the configurations to the camera I shot the commercial with and ordered a few things. I set the camera to a vintage style setting that looks way better than what the Blood Hoarder promo commercial looked like, and what we have captured sort of reminds me of the film quality of  Wes Craven’sLast House on The Left“. I always kept a place in my mangy ridden heart for old vintage horror films, they give off a realistic vibe that new age horror films can’t do. So since I never got to shoot my music video I decided to go with what I always wanted to do, a short film. The past three weeks I’ve been writing the sinister story for it and in a few words, is of a man who has serious problems with human life, rejection, and disappointment. The utter thought and sound of breathing is like reaching inside his chest and ripping his heart out and wiping your ass with it. If it was up to him, he would probably be the only living species on this planet, and even the thought of himself  living drags out self destructive violence. I originally came up with the title “Gasoline Dreams” but I added on to the story and the only title that fits what is coming out to be my very first short film, is “Random Acts of Violence“.



I’ve already started filming for it and haven’t even gotten to finish the ending yet, but I’m pretty excited about it and it’s guaranteed to disturb a lot of people and probably even piss some off.  Now that I’m coming to terms with making a film a lot of work takes place in the process. Writing the story & editing the footage takes time, dedication, and hard work along ordering supplies online that I need for within the film and composing the entire movie score that will fit perfectly. I believe the music score is a major important part of making a film. So not only am I writing, editing, and doing some of the shooting for this film, but I’m also producing the entire score. The music score will be 100% produced by me all custom sounds, none of the score will be taken from other movie scores and it will be available for download with the film. Yet a non profitable production but donations would be appreciated. If you feel like donating to the making of this film please send donations through paypal at  All donations will be used for ordering any supplies that may be needed to make the film even better. Till then keep a look out for RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE coming in 2013.






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