As you all know, the name of my next release is Sleep Deprivation. I’m sure some of you who have purchased the Filthography CD were expecting something else. The project mentioned in the Filth cd has been put on hold. I picked Sleep Deprivation cause it really fits everything that’s going on right now in my life, like when it comes to my music & work ethic. I’ve been dealing with Sleep Dep among other things for over a couple of years now, so the title puts it all in perspective where I’m at right now in life and where I wanna go with music. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. I had a blast creating it. You gotta have a pretty well open mind going into this project. I did not limit myself to one subject. Sleep Dep has a little something for everyone’s different taste. A couple of peers from my inner circle that I played it for have said this is def my best work by far. From start to finish, to production & lyrics, Sleep Dep is constantly contorting into something entirely different. It’s a great album to end the year with.


The Unrestrained Warehouse officially has Sleep Deprivation t-shirts. We went all out on these shirts. They’re Double sided print. On the front side, there’s two colors white & red ink on black t-shirts, and white ink on the back of the shirt. Last but not least, on the right cuff of the sleeve is our very own custom design Unrestrained Sounds initials US.  So, on one t-shirt you got three different things going on. They will be well worth the investment if you’re a true supporter. This is only my second official T-shirt design, so you gotta grab yourself one. They will be available in the package deals starting Friday Dec. 13th.

Sold separately will be Sleep Dep grunge beanie winter hats.

Now, recently having hats wasn’t something I was really into, but we just invested in our very own silk screen setup. We found a great deal on some black, red & grey beanie hats and said WTF! lets make some sleep dep beanies.  There’s two hat styles one with a cuff and one without. The hat without the cuff is a little smaller, but can still fit any average sized head. Look out for these beanies coming soon to the store. They’ll probably be only $3.50 for a hat you really can’t beat that price. There is a limited supply, so first come first served.

If they sell pretty fast, which I’m thinking they will, I will then go ahead and get more pressed up. For now, I just wanna see if this is something you are all into when it comes to merch. We also have a place on the website for you guys to leave some feedback, or any suggestions for new merch. What would you like to see in the stores? Were open to all ideas. So, if you have something in mind that you would like see pressed up, leave a comment below.


The Sleep Deprivation PM commercial IS HERE! The PM version is a bit more violent. I’m trying to keep a medium cause if I really wanted to do what I wanted to do, the shit would be BANNED! the same day. I won’t be surprised if the PM commercial gets banned, let’s just hope it doesn’t. Don’t stop viewing the AM commercial! A lot of time and hard work went into the making of both videos. We did it all, from filming, editing and even the special fx. We could go out and pay someone but to me that’s just a waste of money that can be invested on something else. I’d rather learn everything myself therefore I have full %100 control. We have finished the teaser for the first music video / short film off Sleep Deprivation last Saturday. We plan to release the teaser on Friday The 13th, the same day the package deals become available. This teaser should get you all even more hyped up about this album, if the commercials don’t already.Till then, spread the word and keep hitting play on the videos. DON’T FORGET TO SHARE!







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