Okay I dropped the price down to $8.00 bucks and give you the chance to hear the sampler before purchase, I made this album after beating a “Near Death Experience”  I would go into more details but then there’s no point buying it, Every album comes with 2 different autographed posters and I’ll take orders from anywhere around the world meaning (you don’t need to be from America to purchase Kardiac Merch) Check the sampler and Support !
















The Afternoon Of Extravagant Delight- Click to Listen-Album Sampler


1-The Wake (Spoken words)
2-Entrap Mess Of Beauty
3-Dead Inside
4-Maneater feat.Castrovania
5-Smile To Dwell On
6-A Day Of Violence feat.Caligula
7-Pain Profit feat.Space
8-The Smell Of Deaths Presents
9-The Nest
10-Uninvited Guest (Interlude)
11-Dark Sarcasm
12-Science vs Religion
13-Under Supervision feat.Space
14-Reptilian Sex
15-Our Owners (Interlude)
16-Never The Same feat.Castrovania







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