One week away before the new Filthography [Kardiac & E.coli] Thought You Two Were Dead ep drops. A lot of hard work and money has been put into this project. The task it took to make it happen really deserves the support on that alone. From helping with flight money to get E.coli out here last year, to the artwork, pressing & distribution aspects, I’m just glad it’s finally here and will be available pretty much everywhere online.

This album is unlike anything I have released over the past 3 years including Afternoon. When I get the chance to work on side projects such as this, I take the opportunity to broaden my music instead of isolating it down to one style. I would be lying if I said this wasn’t a weight lifted off. Although the work wasn’t easy, the creative format wasn’t as grueling.

Entirely produced by me, this album got me back into producing, and has been finished since before Blood Hoarder dropped. This album came along while I was halfway finished with Blood Hoarder so that’s why it’s being released now. Hopefully a lot of you got E.coli’s free download and are acquainted with his work. Both of us together on a project you never know what to expect, so don’t judge it by it’s cover. I guess in a way it’s like “The 5 Myrtle Massacre” how the album cover looked like one thing, but the music gave a different portrait. So next Friday May 31st, pick up a copy,  it comes with a free poster signed by the both of us. You’re really not gonna get a deal like this anywhere’s else, nobody that I know of gives away Free 11×17 posters with a CD for only $5.00. If you support Unrestrained Sounds & Kardiac Music, keep the engine running so we can continue to give you that raw shit.

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