For the first time, KM Inc. has made available online a music video that was saved exclusively for the “In The Peripheral” Package deals released in 2015. The album dropped on Fangoria Musick, and since the fall of the label, we’ve re-uploaded videos that were taken down without any notice. One being “The Cleanser” and the other being our first debuted with FANGORIA “The County Road Cover Up.” I would say the “new owner” doesn’t care too much for independent music/ filmmakers, because it’s not only my work, but other peoples material was taken down. It will never be like it once was, and this is the main reason there is no more Fangoria Musick. Now our main focus is KM Inc. and to continue to push the company even further from where we left off. Trying new ways of getting media out, and we’re open to working with other companies small or large and that’s not just for music.
WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGED, what a great title for such a post.
In 2015 we took a ride out to Mansfield Louisiana and was given total access to a great location. We brainstormed right there on the spot where we wanted to go with this video, from beginning to end. The Concept for the video needed to match the song. (A man’s Blackout turns horrible and unsure if someone slipped him drugs or it was something else, but what he recollects and see’s is terrifying sober or inebriated.) It was the great camera control from April Bedan, that helped pull off the shots we needed to set up the Special Effects that are a big part of the video. First time filming in Louisiana, and possibly not the last time. We hope you enjoy the video for what it is. You will not see it anywhere’s else but here, this is exclusively for KM Inc.