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There’s a few of you out there that do purchase my downloadable albums. Since Dumpster Diving Vol.1 sold out awhile back, I’m giving you all a chance to still be able to listen & purchase it.  For those of you who don’t know about “Dumpster Diving Vol.1” it’s a collection of my unreleased tracks from 2003 to 2007. If you’re really a supporter of my music, Dumpster Diving is like having an exclusive gem that was never released through any distribution company on wide range spectrum.  It was exclusively sold through The Kardiac Store, now available  on The Kardiac Bandcamp page.

It’s only $5.00 and it’s filled with 18 TRACKS! of all unreleased material, Originally released back in 2011.






I’ve been getting a lot of new people coming through the site as of late, and I just wanted to post this up as a reminder. My bandcamp page has most of my old albums, released & unreleased stuff on it. I do plan to add “Dumpster Diving Vol.1” to the list since I’m completely “SOLD OUT” of hard copies. Just today, I put up the PLAY GOD Vinyl for download, although I do prefer you to buy a physical copy from the store at the same price as the download.

Only $3.00, the difference is your paying a little extra for shipping, if you buy it from the store, but it’s def worth it and a great collectors item if you don’t have a record player.  Visit the store today and check out the new vinyl along with the other merch I’ve got stocked in there. If you haven’t bought Blood Hoarder by now, you’re missing out. Blood hoarder comes with a free poster. So, spend a little over $10 bucks and grab yourself a vinyl as well as a copy of Blood Hoarder at: 

For Those who would rather just download the vinyl go to 

NOW AVAILABLE!!!  on a 7″inch wax for only $3.00 is my very first vinyl [PLAY GODRemastered track along with the instrumental. This song has taken on an essence of it’s own, stirring up all kinds of crazy shit from “good to bad,” but I’ll leave that part of it for another date.

Play God is by far one of the most brutal tracks I’ve ever written, and that’s saying a lot especially if you’re familiar with my music and its entire catalog. Initially, I made Play God as a free download to give you all a little taste of what my next solo album will be like. However, that album has turned in a totally different direction, and I mean that in a really good way.

The main source I need to give credit behind all this is Wolf, of  “Hirntrust Grind Media.” Hirntrust is based out of Austria, and they’re an indie label that puts out all different types of shit from speedcore, experimental, to pretty much anything that’s real grimy, dark, raw, and out of fucking control–shit that society is afraid of, you can find on Hirntrust. So, they contacted me and had nothing but good feedback with a big positive interest towards Play God” which resulted in getting it pressed to vinyl. So thank you, Hirntrust, for making this shit happen.

I created the entire artwork (front & back). I was really picky about the art I wanted for this. I usually am picky when it comes to my artwork, so that’s why most of the time I end up making it myself. I wanted the art to capture what I see when I hear PLAY GOD” as well as when I wrote it. So, I did the best I could to display my visuals, and that’s what you get through my eyes in the center of all of the destruction. A great bonus about the art, it comes with the full lyrics to Play God on the back of the sleeve. So, now that you know what went to the making of this vinyl, show some support and purchase a copy for only $3.00! I’m not asking for much. If you’ve been a supporter since day one, you’ll know its a must have for a collector’s item.








I got some great news yesterday regarding my very first vinyl, “Play God.” My boy, Wolf, from Austria-Europe,  owner of HIRNTRUST GRIND MEDIAis the company who is putting it out. He got the word yesterday from the pressing plant that the vinyls are all pressed, and will be shipped to him by Friday. Due to overseas shipping, I won’t have them in my hands for another 2 weeks, but they will be in both the Unrestrained Store, and my own store, the Kardiac StoreI’m pretty amped up about this myself because the only vinyl I was ever involved with was the “Creepozoids” vinyl. That will also be in the Unrestrained Store very soon. I only produced a beat for the Creepozoids vinyl, and that was back in 2004-ish. This Play God vinyl will have the song Re-Mastered and sounding crispy, along with the Instrumental on side B. So look out for this, it’s def a great collector’s item even if you don’t have a record player. Plus, there’s only a limited amount of records being pressed so you don’t wanna miss out on this!

By the way, the vinyl artwork was created by myself, front cover and back. The back of the vinyl will also feature the lyrics for Play God. COP THIS SHIT WHEN IT DROPS!