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THANK FUCKING GOD! After months of searching for the right player, I finally found one I will settle on. What is Kardiac Music without the music? – the website really needed one. A lot of you will be happy to know it’s packed with old and new tracks, but all have been released on something. So, sorry, no leaks this time around. I’m really savoring this next album for the right moment and it’s 98% completed. Anyways, back to the music player. Though, it’s def a plus to have it, it gives you all a little something more to do while you’re visiting the site. Only down fall is the player stops whenever you click on a page or link. I know that sucks, but it should play automatically once you’re on that next page. Trust me, I dug for a player with something like that. They make you sign up on the maker’s website and setup an account and upload all the songs that ways — fuck that. That’s a bit too much. I like to keep things on the simple side, especially for some people who just want to hit play and be done with it. So, enjoy the new player. There’s over 20 tracks in there, so have a blast. You can find it at on the left sidebar, beneath the Search Bar. You really can’t miss it. I’ll add a picture of what the music player looks like in this post.



The Kardiac Store is now officially the main store to purchase everything from T-shirts, CDs, Vinyls and everything new I come out with in the future. There’s going to be a major retail stock up on its way from the old vintage KARDIAC albums you just can’t find anymore on hard copy disc without overpaying. For those of you wondering where I moved the [Digital Albums] you can find that tab right under media. From now on the STORE TAB is no longer a dropdown menu, it will bring you directly to the NEW! KARDIAC STORE. I plan to have some discount codes in effect once my merch starts piling up. So look out for those codes coming soon. Until then, “stay awake.” You’re gonna need a lot of coffee for this next release.


Just a quick heads up, anyone in the need for beats I just uploaded two new beats for sale on my soundcloud page. One is called “Trouble Maker” made for some wordplay type shit. The other beat  is called “Doctrine Of Murders” and it’s pretty self-explanatory made for violence, death! and all that good stuff. Keep in mind I also do custom work, which means if you have something in mind that you would like to be brought to life? let me know. I’m pretty close to wrapping up my own project, so anyone interested in collabing,  I’ll be available for that probably within a week or two. There is a fee for a verse, but I’m always willing to negotiate on prices if the beat is dope. I’ve got a lot of plans set for my own release, hope you all keep giving that support when this shit drops.

new production

Anyways check out those beats if anyone is interested you know how to contact me send me an e-mail with the title of the beat you would like to purchase and I’ll give you instructions on which method to use via paypal. Last but not least, later today Unrestrained Sounds will be updating some things on the artwork board, giving a couple more options on art that’s not listed.


This past week has been great. I’ve been getting a lot of work done, but not just for myself. I wanna thank
everyone who has purchased beats & artwork from me, it really does help out the machine. It takes a team effort
most def. Big thanks to my manager/co owner of Unrestrained Sounds, April Bedan, for handling all my artwork
inquiries making things easier on me. It’s always a great thing to have someone there to help you out in many ways
as well as support what I do to the fullest!

I just wanted to let everyone know I made new tabs — “Graphics” & “Production” — for my website in case anyone is
confused on how to purchase either one. Now, all you need to do is click the tabs!

The “Graphics” tab will bring you directly to the Unrestrained Designs page with all of my prices for artwork. If
you didn’t know, we also put up 3 package deals for anyone in need of some album artwork. Artwork is more expensive
than buying production, but it takes more precision and time to design a whole album from scratch that coincides
with its concept. Now I’m not saying production is a cake walk, but more work is involved in making personalized
art. So, click on the “Graphics” tab and check out some of my work along with the prices for 2panels, 4panels &
6panels. Get yours, with a poster — it’s the best deal. I also do design stuff like facebook headers, as well as
bigcartel & bandcamp layouts, and custom poster designs. I do anything that’s needed. If you have any questions
about anything, or if you don’t see something on the art price board, just shoot an e-mail to and we’ll get back at you asap.

Now, as for production, this seems to be where it’s at as of late. I’ve installed a tab made specifically for this
as well. I sold 6 beats this past week, and like I said it’s first come first served. I can not hold any beats back
due to the fact a lot of times people will say they’re going to be purchasing a beat and then it never happens. So,
that’s why it’s first come first served. I will have 2 new beats up later this week to keep things going. The
“Production” tab will bring you directly to my soundcloud page. As of right now, that’s the only place I put my
beats up that I sell. You can click on the tab and scroll through some of them, but I’m not sure what is left. I
also have songs up on SoundCloud that you can check out — spread that word. So yea, if you hear something you like
on there, just shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll have you place the order via paypal with
instructions in an e-mail on which method to send payment. I will then send you a high res wave file via and the beat is yours. Every beat that is sold gets taken off my soundcloud page once it is
purchased. I do not resell beats, so once it’s sold it’s sold.

I hope this helps out anyone that may be interested out there, and just didn’t know how to go about it.
Keep a look out for TWO new beats to be posted up later this week!

Once again, Thanks to everyone who has been come to me for art & production.


So, yesterday I threw up a new beat giving you all a deal on it with artwork. I know some of you have heard it cause the plays have went up. Anyway, this morning I went back and listened over to some of the beats I have up, and figured to drop some prices. There’s about 5 or 6 beats I dropped the prices down to”$15.00” and maybe two or 3 to even  “$10.00.” I don’t ask for much, I know times are rough, some of yous are unemployed but still trying to get into this wretched business. This is how I make some extra money…selling beats, verses, artwork, ect. This is the best I can do for yous when it comes to prices. So, take a gander back at some of the beats, you might be surprised by some of them I dropped prices on. There’s still a few up that are going for $20.00, and those I can’t budge any lower. Help a brother out, I could really use any support right about now… BUY SOME BEATS!

For serious Inquiries only, please contact me at: