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Last week I posted up 5 beats I had open for sale & for lease. I was trying to give everyone an option so nobody misses out on beats. Unfortunately, I can’t make everyone happy so from now on all beats are for sale at a low price between $10.00 to $25.00 a beat. Once the beat is purchase it will be taken down and no longer for sale. The easiest way for me to sale these beats is through my soundcloud page. PLEASE – IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A BEAT E-MAIL ME FIRST. Sometimes people wanna buy a beat and just send the money straightaway and I’m not around to send the beat that very second. So it’s better for you to e-mail me first and wait till I hit you back. It usually doesn’t take me long to reply if I’m home. Anyways that’s what the deal is for now on. You buy a beat, it’s yours to keep, end of story.





Cover Cropped

Hypnagogic Consternation

I like to work with people outside the genre of music I do and I wanna give credit for the sample source to “Hypnagogic Consternation.” Which I sampled from the film Infiltration, by Charles Chadwick, with a soundtrack by A Tunnel Dialogue (Charles Chadwick, W. Jeff Campsey, and Matthew Bambas).


They make some really sick short films  that also fits with some of the work I do. I’ve been talking with “Charles Chadwick” and we got plans to do something custom which might be a track from “Sleep Deprivation” or a new track . Whatever comes from it, it will def be something new and original for the visuals. This is all I can really say for now until we begin working, but keep a lookout right here for any updates.


Maschine MK2

Over the past year I’ve been building my studio and really digging my way back into producing. When I first started anything to do with rap/hip hop  back in 1998, I was a producer first hence the name “KARDIAC.” So yea after producing and putting together Sleep Deprivation, that’s when I realized it was time for me to produced my own shit for now on. Besides I hate to be that guy asking for beats from everyone even with “friends” they’re the worst.. fuck that. I can produce my own shit the way I like it, instead of having someone else make me some half fast loop to rap on and say “there you go bro” …. nah fuck you bro lol.  I mean don’t get me wrong it is nice to get a sick ass beat time to time from someone who knows how to produce, but it’s not worth getting beats from that person if one, their shit isn’t all that great, & two, it’s not worth the headache. So yea here’s to being self made.

The Maschine MK2


Now on to the reason I made this post, lately I’ve been researching what my next purchase will be to build my studio. I don’t need another drum machine, nor do I need a synthesizer. I just want something that can increase my potential and make producing limitless. Then I found this beast of equipment “THE MASCHINE” made by “Native Instruments.” Watch the video below it will give you some what of an idea what it can do. They have 3 different models, The Maschine Mikro, The Maschine MK2 & The Maschine Studio. I think I might go for the one in the middle The Maschine Mk2 but damn they are all pretty bad ass.

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Native Instruments


THE WAIT IS OVER!!!! I’m going to give you all my WORD that within a year or so, I will have ALL of my old albums re-pressed and in the KARDIAC Store. I hate hearing from yous out there that you just paid $20.00 for a 5 Myrtle Massacre from some online thieves. Any place you buy my older albums from is completely overpriced, and the seller/distributor will get the ENTIRE cut from the sale. I will never see any of that money anymore. I stress to ALL of you to ALWAYS buy shit from me directly. If you want to support me, you should already know where to go for all KARDIAC Merch.

Now on to my FIRST re-release, “Songs Only a Mother Can Love.” Originally released in 2004, this bastard of an album has just turned 10 years old. Songs Only really brought in a fan base in and outside of the United States: from Japan, Australia, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, and even Czech Republic, the list goes on. There’s many more of yous out there, and thanks to the ones who support my shit in my own country as well! I wanna thank all of yous, especially my overseas fans. You pay double on the shipping alone, and that still doesn’t stop you from supporting! So on the real Thank You.

Songs Only a Mother Can Love is now in the KARDIAC Store go grab a copy for $5.00 and you’ll get a big ass poster with it as well. The interior artwork has been vamped up and I also added something for the bonus track that was recorded in 2004.  So that $5.00 is well worth it I hope I got everyone’s support behind it.