THE WAIT IS OVER!!!! I’m going to give you all my WORD that within a year or so, I will have ALL of my old albums re-pressed and in the KARDIAC Store. I hate hearing from yous out there that you just paid $20.00 for a 5 Myrtle Massacre from some online thieves. Any place you buy my older albums from is completely overpriced, and the seller/distributor will get the ENTIRE cut from the sale. I will never see any of that money anymore. I stress to ALL of you to ALWAYS buy shit from me directly. If you want to support me, you should already know where to go for all KARDIAC Merch.

Now on to my FIRST re-release, “Songs Only a Mother Can Love.” Originally released in 2004, this bastard of an album has just turned 10 years old. Songs Only really brought in a fan base in and outside of the United States: from Japan, Australia, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, and even Czech Republic, the list goes on. There’s many more of yous out there, and thanks to the ones who support my shit in my own country as well! I wanna thank all of yous, especially my overseas fans. You pay double on the shipping alone, and that still doesn’t stop you from supporting! So on the real Thank You.

Songs Only a Mother Can Love is now in the KARDIAC Store go grab a copy for $5.00 and you’ll get a big ass poster with it as well. The interior artwork has been vamped up and I also added something for the bonus track that was recorded in 2004.  So that $5.00 is well worth it I hope I got everyone’s support behind it.



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