Maschine MK2

Over the past year I’ve been building my studio and really digging my way back into producing. When I first started anything to do with rap/hip hop  back in 1998, I was a producer first hence the name “KARDIAC.” So yea after producing and putting together Sleep Deprivation, that’s when I realized it was time for me to produced my own shit for now on. Besides I hate to be that guy asking for beats from everyone even with “friends” they’re the worst.. fuck that. I can produce my own shit the way I like it, instead of having someone else make me some half fast loop to rap on and say “there you go bro” …. nah fuck you bro lol.  I mean don’t get me wrong it is nice to get a sick ass beat time to time from someone who knows how to produce, but it’s not worth getting beats from that person if one, their shit isn’t all that great, & two, it’s not worth the headache. So yea here’s to being self made.

The Maschine MK2


Now on to the reason I made this post, lately I’ve been researching what my next purchase will be to build my studio. I don’t need another drum machine, nor do I need a synthesizer. I just want something that can increase my potential and make producing limitless. Then I found this beast of equipment “THE MASCHINE” made by “Native Instruments.” Watch the video below it will give you some what of an idea what it can do. They have 3 different models, The Maschine Mikro, The Maschine MK2 & The Maschine Studio. I think I might go for the one in the middle The Maschine Mk2 but damn they are all pretty bad ass.

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Native Instruments

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