After a few setbacks were thrown in the path of this project, and two different work schedules trying to make the time to get it done, Kardiac and Zehl have pulled through. The hard work and wait has finally paid off.  The self-titled debut album “Blood Hoarder” is now officially set to drop October 26th 2012 under Kardiac’s new establishment Unrestrained Sounds.  A total renovation has come at hand behind the scenes. Blood Hoarder will be Kardiac’s first release under a new distribution company that will make things easier to purchase for the supporters overseas, and who are more trustworthy when it comes to the business side of things. KARDIAC – Blood Hoarder is Torture Rap at its most grim, and for the older generation of fans who love that drunk, aggressive violent shit I do THIS ALBUMS FOR YOU!  I was drunk for more than half the time I recorded and wrote this shit, I needed to be for how out of control my life was going but any ways. Blood Hoarder really wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for Zehl.  Zehl really came through with the kind of production I was looking for in the making of this project and I got some heavy weights to feature on it as well.

My boy, Tyler Guida, of the band Dr. Acula, really went out of his way to get on this shit. From me, now living in TX and him in NY, time and place was everything. Between his work hours and band hours he made the time to do it and he got it done…so big thanks to him.

Jakprogresso, another dude whose real busy…I know this dude from back in the day, doing shows with Creepozoids at SUNY Purchase College in Westchester NY. We shared a few stages time to time. I didn’t get a chance to get him on my last album “The Afternoon of Extravagant Delight” due to my deadline and his work load but that was all good. There’s a time for everything, and it was awesome. It all worked out for BH, plus he fit better with this project and the whole concept. The song turned out dopesickkkkkkk.

Bushpig, of Butchers Harem, was a must to get him on this after the last track we did entitled “Ass to Mouth.” This album needed that same essence of brutality which is filled with it from start to finish. There are not too many people I feel or listen to when it comes to this style of writing gore and violence without sounding corny as fuck, but Bushpig defiantly stands out from the rest. Getting him on BH was an automatic must-do.

Sodoma Gomora, big thanks to both Desade and Reznik. They were very humble and easy to work with. At the time I wanted to give the album another feel to it by working with other MC’s from overseas that rap in a different language, and I thought who else than Sodoma Gomora.  These guys are doing big things right now, and I hope some time I get a chance to fly over there and rock a few shows with them in the future.

Cumblood, of Butchers Harem, another really brutal mother fucker who stands out from the rest. I always wanted to work with him and BH was that perfect opportunity to do so. The song we did is one of my favorites out of the whole album and he murdered the beat. I gotta give it up to him…shit was raw with an unbelievable delivery.

Dj Arkane is Zehl’s boy but he killed it on the ones and twos for a track…good looking out.

Chris Bedan, which is the cousin of my manager April Bedan, is sick with the guitar and he laid down a few guitar layers on two different beats. One of them being on this album, and another one I produced which will be used for a future project.


What more can I really tell you about Blood Hoarder without spoiling it. All you need to know is it’s not about whom you know or who you’re down with and what crew…it’s always about the music first. There’s not one track on this album that lacks. They’re all at that extreme point in their own way. Each song could be a single, and I’m not just saying it because it’s my shit. This is the first time I’ve done a project where I can honestly say that and mean it. Everyone who dropped on it really came through and it’s a rarity to have all these artists on one album. So, on October 26th, if you like real fucked up in-depth, brutal rap music go out and cop this shit. Pre-Orders start October 12th on & (hard copies can be purchased on both websites)
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