BLOOD HOARDER will be unleashed exactly ONE MONTH FROM TODAY and I’ve decided to give a little something to everyone who cops the pre-orders between the 12th and 19th. With this giveaway, there’s no wait, you’ll receive it the day of purchase. There will be three tracks, and they will come from two different upcoming Unrestrained Sounds Releases. Two songs will be given from a solo project I’ve been working on over the past two months. One track is entitled “Blame The God Who Doesn’t Speak,” and another entitled, “The Disregard for Human Life.” Both beats for these tracks are ones that I produced myself. The third song is from the new Filthography album, “Thought You Two Were Dead,” entitled “Mute-Tation” This is also another beat I produced. The Filthography song will also include the album cover and artwork details.












Anyone who purchases the pre-order between the 12th and 19th of October will receive, the day of purchase, a direct link to download a zip file with 3 new unreleased songs to the PayPal email address they used for the purchase. For those who will be ordering the pre-order through another person’s PayPal / email account, email: to confirm account information with US. The link will then be sent to the appropriate email. So no matter which store you order it from, “Kardiac Store” or “Unrestrained Store” all questions and giveaways will be managed by Unrestrained. It’s really more easy than it seems just buy the pre-order between the 12th and 19th, and get some free shit!





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