Well this is what’s going on Me and Zehl Just finished up 3 song’s for the promo and I’ve been mixing down shit all weekend, The Artwork is on the way and should be finished within the next couple of day’s I have somebody that is just as fucked up in the head as me working on it and I wouldn’t want anyone else doing the art for it because the music and artwork are like a match made in heaven lol or should I say hell……but no on the real the art is getting done by a good friend of mine from Australia name Bryce Edsall his work is really outtttt thereeeee when it comes to disturbing images, All you need to do is Google his name Bryce Edsall with Artwork next to it and something will pop up or just Click HERE and that should bring you to some of his work on Facebook, Devil’s Night “October 30th” for those who don’t know… I will be on www.tksradio.net  “The Kitchen Sink Radio” with the whole Slaughtercore  Monstrosity the new Record label that Myself and Bloodshot have join forces to build and so far I must say thing’s are working out great!!!  Don’t wanna spoil things too much but what I will say is tune in 10PM ET/ 9PM CT and you may just get a sneak peak for what’s to come and more, Interview’s will be taking place so you really don’t wanna miss out cause I don’t do interview’s Live on the phone all the time so tune in and be apart of it, Some Epic shit is about to take place.

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