Directed by Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel 

THE STORY: After skipping school and breaking into the boiler room of a deserted mental hospital, buddies Rickie and JT  stumble upon a door that’s been rusted shut for year’s, After a bit of a struggle they get it open and when they do they make a shocking discovery: the plastic-covered naked body of a woman lying on a gurney. When they realize that the woman may be alive, JT shocks Rickie by suggesting they take advantage of her.


MY REVIEW: I Know it’s been a min since I put up any review’s… shit I only put up one lol.. but there hasn’t been anything I watched as of late till now that made me wanna tell people to check it out, Deadgirl I give it an A+ I loved it! and I gotta say it comes pretty damn close to being just as fucked up asSerbian FilmJust without the new born porn lol,  The beginning is a little slow things don’t start getting crazy till about 14 min’s into the movie, So without Spoiling anything two dude’s find this bitch tied up under plastic alive and she must of been down there for year’s, One dude Rickie is like let’s call the cops want’s nothing to do with it.. but on the other hand there’s JT whose a loose cannon and is like.. Let’s keep her, So JT ends up keeping her and she doesn’t die he tried killing her a few time’s and she just keeps on ticking lol any ways JT ends up charging ten bucks for people to come down to the boiler room and fuck her..  now keep in mind this bitch has been down in a boiler room for god only knows how long she’s looks dead and could you imagine how bad she must smell she’s got bullet holes in her stomach from JT,  her face is all bashed in but they just have their way with her and A lot of crazy shit happens through out the movie you just gotta watch it if I say any more I misewell tell you the whole story.


Thought this was Great to add in the Review…. it was a Nice try I guess,

























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