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New KARDIAC Shirt Post

It’s been a min since I had some fresh gear in the store and now they’re finally here. This is my first OVERSIZED PRINT T-shirts, which means the design fits almost the entire front of the shirt. They’re black shirts with white ink and 100% cotton. You can see even more details of the design at the KARDIAC Store. I hope you guys dig it, I thought it was a pretty sick design, and I got some more gear to come. My next design I plan on getting Zip Up hoodies for the fall & winter seasons. I think all of yous will love the art I got illustrated for the hoodies. Until then purchase these KARDIAC – Bound & Burned T-shirts.



I held back on releasing this trailer due to a few reasons but I think everyone has waited long enough especially those who helped make this short film possible. I would like to thank my manager & the director of the videos on the “In The Peripheral” DVD April Bedan. April is now, and has been managing Fangoria Musick go follow Fangoria Musick on Twitter @fangoriamusick & like the Fangoria Musick Facebook page at:

For those who haven’t purchased the DVD go visit The



Shot & Directed By April Bedan/ Written, Edited, VFX & Music Score by KARDIAC. 


[youtuber vimeo=’′]

Further DVD Details:

The DVD also comes with behind the scenes footage of I Wish I could Forget [Short Film] & The Cleanser with Bonus Material. Last but not least a short film/music video entitled When Everything Changed. When you purchase the combo for $8.00 USD you also get a hard copy of In The Peripheral with two extra songs.  Every order comes with a FREE POSTER.

Click Here To Purchase:




I finally got around to wrapping things up for the hard copies of “In The Peripheral.” I would like to thank everyone who bought the digital version from I really hope those of you who purchased the digital version will also pick up the hard copies. The hard copies will come with two extra tracks that weren’t on the digital release, and every order comes with a free poster!

Now, with the release of the hard copies you will have a choice. You can pickup the hard copy for $4.00USD. Or, you can get the combo deal, which will be $6.00USD. The combo deal comes with a DVD with over an hour and 20 mins of running time. For the past couple months, I’ve been really focused on filming videos. I shot two music videos. One of which was debuted on




 “The Cleanser” was shot at two Texas Chainsaw Massacre film locations. “The Cleanser” is included on the DVD and also contains never before seen bonus material from the making of that video! It’s made up of footage that was left on the cutting room floor and I think all of you’s will dig it.

I shot another video, which hasn’t yet been released. The song is on “In The Peripheral,” entitled “When Everything Changed.” We filmed “When Everything Changed” in Louisiana, and it has some creepy vfx in it that I personally edited myself. The video was shot & directed by April Bedan.

Now, for the biggest piece of film we’ve finished up is my very first short film entitled “I Wish I Could Forget.” Making the short film, there was noway I would of been able to do this without the help from my manager and director April Bedan.

The DVD along with the Hard Copies of the album become officially available on July 24th, only at the KARDIACSTORE.




 Well here it is! I present to you all, the official music video for “THE CLEANSER,” which is the first song off of my new album, “In The Peripheral” released by Fangoria Musick. If you haven’t read any posts in the last two weeks, here’s a quick update. This video was shot at two Texas Chainsaw Massacre film locations. We filmed at the “Old Crawford Mill,” as it’s known for in the 2003 movie, and at Taylor Meat Company, otherwise known in the movie as “Blair Meat Co.” I had a good time filming it and big thanks to April Bedan for helping with this video and for making it all possible.
 I had to downsize the file for sending and uploading for YouTube purposes. We will be pressing hard copies of “In The Peripheral” in July 2015. The hard copies will be printed as a dual disc release; two discs in one 4 panel digi-pack type package. One of the discs will be the mastered album with 2 extra tracks that are not on the digital version. The other disc will be a DVD with videos and a short film, along with some bonus material that I will be narrating. Later this month or at the beginning of next month, I will have full details about the dual disc (CD/DVD) release of “In The Peripheral” and all of the contents that come with it. Until then, I hope you enjoy and share this video as much as possible. Thanks to the brutal bastards out there that stay supporting, and to the new people who have heard of my music through Fangoria, thank you for checking it out –KARDIAC!


If you like downloads, has released the album on their digital music label, Fangoria Musick. It’s now available for only $2.99 at!

 Now without further bullshit, I present the Official Music Video, “THE CLEANSER” from the album “In The Peripheral.”


[youtuber youtube=’’]

On Tuesday, I mentioned on my Facebook pageAnnouncement coming soon,” giving you all a little hint with photos from the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Since I now live in the state of Texas, accomplishing what we did on Wednesday was something that I always wanted to do. Thanks to my manager, April Bedan, who actually made it happen. Last week, she got the green light from the owner of the slaughterhouse that was used in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 and some of 2006 movies. The owner granted us permission for 05/27/15 to come film inside and outside of the slaughterhouse, so on Wednesday we took a small road trip out that way. Around 10:30 am, we loaded up all of our camera gear and started driving towards the two locations we had planned ahead of time that morning. The first stop on our scheduled trip was “The Old Crawford Mill,” as they called it in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You can see two of the pictures we took at the Old Crawford Mill below.

The Old Crawford Mill

outside mill2

I gotta say, it was pretty fucking awesome! We got so much footage and photos I don’t know where to begin. I’m not sure what will make the final cut of the official music video, but right now I have a basic idea of how I will edit the video. Whatever don’t make the cut, I might do something like an “alternate Music Video,” or turn the extra footage into some kind of bonus material for the DVD/CD that we will be pressing for “In The Peripheral.” All options are open.

If you haven’t heard by now, has released a digital version of “In The Peripheral” on their website. I plan to press hard copies, which will come with 2 or maybe 3 extra tracks that are not on the digital version. It will come with a DVD of videos, and a 23 min short film called “I Wish I Could Forget.” That is also the title of a song on “ITP” and I turned it into a short film with some help from the nice people over at Graystone Haunted Manor. I will get into more details about the short film and the DVD contents on a later date.

Now back to this road trip. After we were finished filming and taking photos at “The Old Crawford Mill,” we had a time frame with the owner over at the slaughterhouse. We had to be there by 3:30 pm. So, after getting the footage from our first location and almost being bitten by two rattlesnakes, NO SHIT … we really were almost bitten by two rattlesnakes, we were ready to head over to the slaughterhouse lol.  The slaughterhouse is a real, fully operational business. They actually butcher cows, pigs, etc on location and sell the meat there. Everyone there was really nice, and made us feel welcomed. Tourists come from all over the country to check out the location. The image at the very top of this post is from the inside of the slaughterhouse. We were there for about 2 hours filming inside and outside of the slaughterhouse. We got some really good footage and pictures.  I plan to start editing the music video this weekend, and hopefully have it up very soon for you all to check out. The song for the video is called “The Cleanser,” which is the first track on my latest release, “In The Peripheral.” Stay awake right here on the website. I will have the video edited soon enough. Until then, spread the word & Thanks for the Support! –KARDIAC!

In The Cattle Walkedit

Outside Slaughterhouse


This might come as a surprise release, but I’m honored to say Fangoria’s digital label FANGORIA MUSICK has just released my latest work entitled “In The Peripheral.”   This is the greatest advancement of my entire music career.  After the years of work I’ve put in, it was all worth it and I’m super stoked to tell you all about it. I hope you all go support this release, even if your not much for digital releases,  It really counts that you support it. I will have hard copies pressed and ready by next month. So in the meantime you can purchase the digital album now for only $2.99 on Fangoria.comLastly I would like to thank my manager April Bedan for making this all happen, You’re a true warrior.  

I will have much more info about “In The Peripheralwithin the next few weeks, as well as a couple videos I will be releasing from the album.

KARDIAC Video_Fangoria Debut flyer

Since Gifts Of Blood Two has been available for a couple month now, I think enough time has gone by where I can debut the FULL Short Film/ Music Video of  “The County Road Cover Up.”

I was given a great opportunity to Debut my Short Film/ Music Video on the website of one of the largest horror magazines known in the horror industry, “FANGORIA.”

If you’ve seen the trailer and never had a chance to purchase the DVD, here’s your chance to check out “The County Road Cover Up” video FOR FREE!

 The County Road Cover Up is now streaming ONLY at FANGORIA.COM

I would like to give a big thanks to for giving me this huge opportunity to reach a wider audience that is into HORROR.  Plus another huge thanks to my manager who has stood by me through the rough and the good April Bedan. She made it possible for all my recent reviews and getting “The County Road Cover Up” debuted on


If you haven’t purchased Gifts Of Blood Two, we still have a few copies in stock at the store. VISIT WWW.KARDIACSTORE.COM 

Last but not least, I wanna thank the following websites for doing an article on myself and the the kind of music I create. So to the following companies: POPCORNHORROR.COM / SCARETISSUE.COM / WICKEDHORROR.COM / THEBLOOD-SHED.COM /  HORRORSOCIETY.COM thank you for taking your time out and giving your readers a chance to know more about the name KARDIAC.

If you missed these articles, click on the red linked sites to view them.

7 new snippet header

I’m sure maybe some of you were wondering where did all the beats go, I took them all down to bring them back in as snippets keeps from being ripped and stolen, This isn’t towards anyone I just feel better to have the beats that are new be UP as snippets. So, I just uploaded 7 beats  all of them are snippets, some of them you probably already have heard cause I had a few up on my soundcloud page with the whole beat up. All these beats are still open for sale and if you hear something you like send me an e-mail at



This is a quick heads up for anyone in the need for some beats. Once again, I posted up 3 new beats, one of which I produced entitled “Skyline Lights.” The 2 other beats are produced by April Bedan. April’s beats are titled “Face Breaker” & “Cyber.” All beats can be purchased through me via paypal at to keep things simple.

April is my manager and now a part of The KARDIAC production team. Her beats tend to be a different style than mine, but still have the dark feel to them. There aren’t a lot of female producers that I know of, so I’m getting her into producing a lot more. There will be more beats from her to come and posted to my soundcloud page within the near future. KEEP AN EYE OUT. If you would like to contact her directly about beats, e-mail 





The story is about a man that suffers from mutable personality disorder and sometimes see things that aren’t there. He has an overly protective rage about his own farmland.
Throughout the course of the film things only get darker,gory & bizarre. If your into movies like high tension and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this film has a bit of those combined into one with a totally original story in itself.


Watch The Trailer Below in HD

[youtuber vimeo=’′]

If you haven’t purchased the Gifts Of Blood Two Dual CD & DVD package deal, now would be the best time to get it. My Supply’s are running low and I probably wont be getting anymore copies until next year. The Dual CD & DVD Package Deal comes with both Gifts Of Blood 1 [Revisited Version] and the new Gifts Of Blood Two CD along with a Short Film/ Music Video called The County Road Cover Up. The County Road Cover up is a track on Gifts Of Blood Two and the beat was originally produced by Justinfekt and then re-vamped by me in 2014.  So pickup the dual CD & DVD package deal if you wanna check out the short film/ music video.

Package Deal Only available at The for $10.00 USD plus shipping. You get two CD’s & a DVD all pro-pressed. Due to limited supplies Now is the time to purchase the package deal. Visit the link below to order.