First off let me start by saying, during my time there it has been the utmost honor to be involved with such an Iconic company in the Horror Genre and it will always be something I’m very proud of. I’m not going to get into to the gritty details about it, I’m just gonna give you my own view of how things went down.  The Former owner gave us 100% freedom with FANGORIA and never turned down an idea we had. I’ve seen April Bedan do some amazing things and has gone out of her way for FANGO, at a time when the company wasn’t at it’s greatest and try her best to overcome some challenges with the least amount of resources.
Some people used it for their own selfish needs, and then shit all over it when it was in some rough situation. It’s funny how now, a new owner is there, and all these people who helped stomp it down to nothing have returned like nothing ever happened. Their true colors were exposed, and they never really gave a damn about FANGORIA unless it was benefiting them. My Point is, that’s who’s running it now, and that’s the kind of people who are behind the scenes. Myself & April really Loved the company, Huge Thanks to Tom, who was the former owner. from the time we got there and things were running fine, up until it’s very worst, standing on its last legs, He was still open to our idea’s even if it meant there was no money to be made off them. 
Now a new owner is in there, and I guess that’s when it all changed one afternoon. Bottom line as it was said, there’s no need for a music label. Now put in mind all the work we’ve put into it. Promoting FM at horror festivals, and collaborating with various different artists and bands from all different genres to help spread the word via the Horde Mixtapes. It felt like all the work and money invested in Fangoria Musick, was a waste. Social Media Pages were Bult just for FM, I really pushed the label as much as I could on my end, Artwork, Promo, Commercials, Digital Magazine Adds, and everything I pushed on my own website and social media pages. Sending many of my followers to go check out and like the facebook page, Youtube & twitter.
They Deleted all my Music Videos that were hosted on their youtube page without any notice. We even reached out to them and asked very politely if they could keep the video’s up as unlisted, therefore we could still share them and all the views won’t be lost. They totally ignored our request and not only took down my videos but everyone’s video that had anything to to with FANGORIA before the new owner.
It’s was just some scumbag shit to do after being there for so long, you would think they show just a little respect. After all, we were the only ones keeping it afloat other than Rob Feldman former web developer. There’s so much more to this story, but I can only give you it from my standpoint. We worked hard pushing FANGORIA and FANGORIA MUSICK, at least they could of done was say thank you, and keep the door open for future opportunities but that will never happen. I take from this experience and new look on how I now do things as far as music etc. KARDIAC Music Inc. has always been my focus to make it something more than a website. I have many goals I still would like to accomplish with KM Inc. and for now on this will be my 100% main focus when it comes to anything.