SONG TITLE: DISPOSABLE MEAT ft.MC.Bushpig of Butchers Harem


Upside down disemboweled my guess she’ll miss’em,

Her animals hung by their necks from her digestive system,

My bare hands strangle till their face falls flat,

5 feet from the ground they dangle beaten with a spiked baseball bat,

Would you be so kind to skin it to limit moans?

Two black eyes,

I love my women thinning to skin and bones,

They ripped me open under the axles of two trucks,

But once they taste the blood it was like who spiked the fruit punch,

Woke up numb in the sun vultures flying in pairs,

Cut my hand on my spinal cord looking for legs that weren’t there,

Here for a reason apart of deaths law & order,

Like the scent of blood to a shark dripping in salt water,

What really prone’s the chance to see grotesque,

Third degree burns watch her bones dance beneath the flesh,

Knee crush her larynx like I had a choice,

Cause I can’t barley bear to hear her FUCKING VOICE!


Pretty pretty girl attractive trash bin,

With her bloody bare ass and her head smashed in,

Disgusted by the looks of me don’t know what struck you.

Most would take you out back like a dog,

Shoot you in the head and FUCK YOU!