Everything Re-Pressed -Filth Video Interrview

We’ll I’m not sure where to begin with this update. I try to keep everything involved with Unrestrained strictly on that website, but we have plans that I think a lot of yous will be happy to hear. Unrestrained Sounds is growing into a mechanical monster day by day, we never stop working or coming up with ideas for the next big thing. It was just announced today on the US website–Unrestrained Sounds is about to have a dramatic change in the inventory. Lost and old artifacts will be dug up from the dirt and made available to the public for purchase. Every Kardiac album you can Imagine will be professionally re-pressed, from group projects to even my very first album “Prescription For Death” will be pro pressed for the very first time. Some of the albums will even have re-vamped artwork, to find out more info about what else is getting re-pressed go to www.unrestrainedsounds.com. In other events , I’ve been a workoholic for like the past month working on not only my own shit but production for a few others peoples stuff. Right now I’m working on getting E.coli’s next album all produced, at the same time, coming close to wrapping up my own album while working on a side gathering of production for Wolf at Hirntrust Grind Media. So yea, there’s a lot of my production that will be heard on a few different projects coming soon – which brings me to my next topic “Filthography.”


Work, work, work right? lol, but well worth it. I finally completed all of the artwork for the new Filthography EP, “Thought You Two Were Dead” as well as getting all the mixing and mastering sharpened up to par, even re-vamping some of the production on it. The new Filthography EP has been sent to the pressing plant, and right now were waiting on a proof copy to come in the mail. Once we check that out and we’re happy with it, we’ll then go ahead and have them ordered and start setting things up for a release date. E.coli will be coming back out to my lair of  isolation March 9th, we have plans for an in-depth video interview to be done strictly for the Unrestrained website. This interview will give you all a little more insight about the album, along with what it took to make this shit happen within the one week we had to complete it. Everything you need to know about “Thought You Two Were Dead” will be in this interview.  NOW ITS TIME FOR YOU TO SPEAK OUT, if you have any questions you would like to ask us, may it be about the new Filthography EP, past or future releases from either or artist, whatever it may be – Please send all questions to unrestrainedsounds@gmail.com and we’ll get them answered during the video interview.  I hope to hear from you guys –KARDIAC!


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