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Time flies when you lose count of the victims. KARDIAC has been discarding corpses in remote areas for most of 2021, so when the time comes, there’ll be stacks of evidence to thumb through. They say history repeats itself and that rings true for some, but not for KARDIAC. He has been consumed by demons in alternate dimensions and his persona has shifted with it.

We went on a frigid ride through “Daydreams of Crime Scenes,” but now it’s time to crank up the heat…buckle up for the next vivid journey. No need to tiptoe in to check the temperature; we dove head first in the deep end for this next project. We’ll send some solar flares throughout the winter to keep you all safe from hypothermia. Keep an eye out for the beacon in the sky when we signal the call to arms. You’ll be able to feel the ecstasy emanating…take a few hits then meet us at the dive bar. Bring a few bucks to toss on stage, but be wary of the hypnotic twilight zone-like twirls…you’ll lose touch with reality.